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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Karen's Graduation announcement

Read this news yesterday and I needed to share it with everyone

Our beloved Karen Classica who took a break recently, has just announced that she would be graduating. 

The post in question has been translated below:

A very important announcement, From Karen

There is something I would like to tell everyone.

I, Karen Classica will be graduating from Afilia Saga East.
Since the events at the end of July, I have been taking a break from activities. However because it is seemingly difficult for me to return, a graduation seemed to be due.

Many people said 
「I will wait for you」 and to dash the hopes of those people, i am very apologetic. I am very sorry.
For everything up till now, thank you very much.
Through the Saga activities I was able to meet with everyone, everything and till the end, I will never forget.、

It is easy to get tired during summer, so everyone please take care.

For my beloved Senpai-tachi to be energetic always. For smiling always.

From Karen With Love
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