Afilia Saga East is performing at Animelo Summer Live 2012!!
「TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012」アフィリア・サーガ・イースト出演します! Afilia Saga East is performing at TIF2012!

[Platinum] and [Sei Naru 2nd One Man Live] released on 25th July 2012! So get yours now! LINK


Monday, 30 April 2012

Kohime and Meiry (anican column)



 Hello there! The one who will make you glance up! From today you are a Kohimeito too! Panda☆LOVE na☆Otome‼
 It is Kohime~ ~ (●ω●)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Emiu's Birthday!

It is Emiu's birthday soon! Her profile on the Afilia Roppongi Star's page states that her birthday is on May 3rd! 
That is why there is Emiu's Birthday Encount on the 2nd of May!!
Please wish her well and a happy birthday!!


Follow Emiu @emiuws

Afilia Saga East's 8th Single 「Kindan Muteki no Darling」with Tracklist !!

Once again Afilia Saga East is collaborating with Steins;Gate ! This time it is for their PSP version of Hiyoku Koiri no Darling. There are three different versions similar to that of the 6th single LaLaLa Labolution. The Normal version, the  Limited edition and the collaboration version. There are various other collaborations of Afilia and Steins;Gate such as the Afilia Kitchens Steins;gate 2.5d cafe!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Newsflash! April (update 22/4/12)

Kohime and Meiry seems to be taking over Yukafin and Kurumi as the chairpersons of the Afilia Saga Broadcasting club! Kohimeiry is a cute combi!
RT @picoonland アフィリアぴこーん魔法学院放送部、新部長になりましたー♪教頭って呼んでね\(^o^)/デーン☆彡毎回コヒメちゃんと一緒にレギュラー出演するので、応援宜しくお願いしますっ!!頑張ります!

Update 14/4/12
5pb has compiled a Youtube playlist for Afilia Saga East found here:

(Update 22/4)
Corpse Party to have collaboration with Afilia Kingdom's Mahou Gakuin amongst other places

2.5D Cafe「Afilia Collaborations! 」and 『STEINS;GATE』's Collab-cafe opens in Osaka!

More pictures over here!! :

2.5 D Cafe「Afilia Collaborations! 」and 『STEINS;GATE』's Collab-cafe opens in Osaka!   

Full of fun!! For three months to come!

14th of April marked the renewal of the Afilia Collaborations and STEINS;GATE and the opening of the new collabcafe. The shop in its entirety was transformed with the『STEINS;GATE』image, it will be opened for the long duration of 1 season (around 3 months) !

Event contents

『STEINS;GATE』Limited Menu!!
『STEINS;GATE』Goods sale!!
『STEINS;GATE』Game and Anime archives exhibition!!
『STEINS;GATE』characters welcoming the guests!!

Maho Sotto Voce | マホ・ソット・ボーチェ

Maho Sotto Voce | マホ・ソット・ボーチェ

Follow Maho on Twitter @mahosv

Laura Sucreine | ローラ シュクレ

Laura Sucreine ローラ シュクレ 

Please support her!!

Follow her @laura_sucreine

Friday, 20 April 2012

Karen Classica special interview

Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru」release special!Karen Classica secret interview

Well then, from here on it is Afilia Saga East's Karen Classica and her response on their new single 「Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru」

――Firstly, about the new song「Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru」could you share with us your feelings as a singer and about the campaigns?

Karen:It is a song about encounters and departures. With the sad feelings of parting, one would continue walking ahead with where the future is waiting for them.This March and April is the season for meeting many people and for parting with some. Is it not a song that one could easily relate to. Regardless of how many times we sang it during the campaigns, when the Senpais (fans) say that it is a tearjerking song and that it makes one look forward that makes me feel very happy.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Karen Sensei's special interview

Ambushing the author of「Afilia Saga Suspense 2」's series Karen Sensei.

On JPCUL,  Afilia Saga East's  Karen Classica's short story 「Afilia Saga Suspense 2」has been uploaded. We will be interviewing writer Karen Sensei on JPCUL. We will be asking her about her writing, the writers she liked as well as what she likes. The later half will be the interview with Karen Classica so please stay tuned till then.

――The previous「Afilia Saga Suspense」was also received warmly.  Please tell us about your feelings on the series.

Karen Sensei:When writing the screenplay for the drama on our variety programme『Afilia Saga Quest』,when I said「I want this writing to become a novel」. That was how the talk about the series came about. At first it didn't feel real. But after it began, I looked forward to every week, the serialization was much fun.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Report of MUSIC JAPAN TV recording


『Blog 5pb.!』the 332nd AFILIA『MUSIC JAPAN TV  Ai Katsu!! Shuuroku』Infiltrating the open recording!?  On air starting from May.

Pan pakapa-n! Afiriri ru~♪
It is Julio from Publicity.

April 10th, at Shibuya REX the
『MUSIC JAPAN TV Ai Katsu!! Shuuroku』recording was held.
I infiltrated the recording like a ninja.☆

Afilia Saga East performed as a 12 member group
making it the first since a while……
It was a tense performance and one with very heavy responsibilities.

Here is the setlist for the live☆

M1 Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru
M2 Watashi ☆LOVE na☆ Otome!
M3 Houkago _ Romance

「The 14 of us are Afilia Saga East...」
Inadvertedly rolled out from the mouth of the Chairman, Louise.
The 11 other members tried to lighten up the mood and go with the flow.
Showing their strong and never-changing teamwork.

The day's scenes will be on air from
May on Skyperfect! Music Japan TV「Ai Katsu」

For the Senpais who missed it, as well as for those who want to see it once again
Please do check it out!☆

<Related Information>
2012 June 13th  will be the release of the 8th Single「Kindan Muteki no Darlin」!
It is PS3&PSP Version「STEINS;GATE Hiyoku Koiri no Darlin」's
opening theme!!
For more details, do check out Afilia Saga website!

Monday, 16 April 2012

VOICHA (Magazine) scans

Part Two:

[P.S. Sorry for the low quality photos... in a bit of a rush.]

Sunday, 15 April 2012

VOICHA (Magazine) Scans

Part One:

VOICHA scans

Laura Sucreine!!

Laura Sucreine!
One of the two new members of Afilia Saga East!!

Afilia Kitchens

Afilia Group's Osaka Kitchens has been draped with a new curtain.
Steins;Gate have invaded the Kitchens in Osaka!

They seem to be recruiting and I expect that the page will be updated in time to come.

For now... some pictures from Chiyomaru.
Owly Images


Various Costumes!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Magical adventure of the Afilia Saga members (by Karen) Chapter 3

Chapter Three「The secret of the mermaid」


Louise opened her eyes with shock.

Where... could this possible be?

Then, the girl who she did not know sat beside Louise.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Magical adventure of the Afilia Saga members (by Karen) Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Chapter Two「The phantom mermaid」

The witches who left on a journey to find the remaining little witches save the world.

The five witches, travelled as an idol group so as to better locate the remaining girls.
The name of the group was Afilia Saga East.

Laura Sucre-chan!

Laura Sucre-chan! She is one of the two new members along with Emiu~.
Follow Sucre-chan on twitter @!/laura_sucreine


Emiu is one of the two new members in Afilia Saga East and this is her photo roll~
follow Emiu @!/emiuws

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Idol-p's report on 1st April MEGA WEB!

Afilia Saga East 「Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru 」Release Event 2012.04/02

On April 1st.Odaiba 「MEGA WEB」 Afilia Saga East held their release event for their 7th single Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru

The fans knew that this would be the last time they would see the 14 members on the stage together in Kanto and they gathered to help make the stage a intense one.

There were rules about fans not jumping and for the fans who wanted to wotagei they would have to do it further at the back. But the fans complied with it and displayed their good manners. Afilia Saga East is blessed to have such good fans. The girls who work at the Afilia Group cafes call their guests Senpai-gata and treat them exceeding well. And the fans have not forgotten the heart of the Senpai-gata.

Afilia Saga East new Radio show


Afilia Saga East new radio show「Afi☆Raji~Mahou Gakuin Tokubetsu Jyuugyou」starting from 7th April!

Afilia Saga East's Chariman Louise and Sexy leader(?)Kurumi will be hosting their new Variety talk radio show on Radio Kansai from 7th of April.  The two personalities will be holding a corner to learn more about Kansai, a corner about their magic as well. It will be full of Afilia Saga East goodness. Every time, there would be one member joining them. It will be an exciting special lesson! This time, the girls will be introducing themselves!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

HMV event 8th April

Afilia Saga East travelled around Japan to hold their campaign and below are pictures of the comments written by the girls!

Looted the pictures from @HMV_Nishinomiya

Picture of their performance!

Friday, 6 April 2012

More photo reports of Afilia Saga East campaigns!

Check them out! DRILL STAR and Zakzak had posted some photos and did a report on the Afilia Saga East campaigns.

Smartphone review x Afilia Saga

Snagged the pictures from

Making of! of Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru PV!

The bonus content of the DVDs are the Making ofs of the PVs. There are three versions of the PVs. The normal version, dance only version and the director's cut version.
Buy the disc to watch them all!
Limited ed A(with dvd):
Limited ed B(with dvd):
Regular ed :
Below are some caps (from Limited ed A)~