Afilia Saga East is performing at Animelo Summer Live 2012!!
「TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012」アフィリア・サーガ・イースト出演します! Afilia Saga East is performing at TIF2012!

[Platinum] and [Sei Naru 2nd One Man Live] released on 25th July 2012! So get yours now! LINK


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Laura Sucreine | ローラ シュクレーヌ

Laura Sucreine | ローラ シュクレーヌ

Please support her!!

Laura's Twitter:

 Laura Sucreine is an interesting girl who is part of the idol group Afilia Saga East. She works at Afilia Sherry's alongside other members and she is actually...


Supergame(●ω●)was the best! [Kohime's Blog]

Supergame(●ω●)was the best! [Kohime's Blog]

Good evening(●ω●)its Kohime!

Super Gamesong Live 2012
Thank you very much!!
This live was the widest stage, at Pacifico Yokohama.☆
It was very very very enjoyable!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

【Emiu】The changing world lines [Emiu's Blog]

【Emiu】The changing world lines [Emiu's Blog]


|∵)/ Yo!
It's Emiu!
I was hesitant whether I should write about this on Twitter.
Recently, there is something I wanted to say...
Because it was long, so I decided to write it on the blog.
The me from one week ago,changed the world......
I experimented with sending D-mails.
There was something on my mind...
「I will send a message to the me from the past.」

The first time I had a mobile phone was when I was in elementary one.
The address was「Name.birthday@~」, something as simple as that.
It was so simple because I thought that there would be no one with the same name and birthday as me..

Title「To the me of the past」

Content「You of the future is very happy.」

I want to prove whether there is a limit to the number of characters in the D-mail.
My hand was over the send button.
Beside my ear was a voice that told me not to press the button
――you shouldn't
――don't press the button!
It is all too late for that now.
――stop it!
――dont do it!
I, have already decided.
What overcame my hesitation was my will to let her know the wonderful friendsand times that I have right now.
――you can't
――press the send button, 
――the world line 
――divergence will

「The mail has been sent」

Ringing, what happened.
There is no error message
what if:it has been sent
Ringing, my head feels like it is splitting
I don't feel my heart, and my vision is spinning
It can't be, this is, me as the Lab's founding member... is it Hoouin Kyouma's ancient power?
Is it the Reading Steiners…!?

To the person who has the same name and same birthday as me, sorry for sending you some weird message. (:3」 ∠)_
Tomorrow is Super Games!☆
Ganbaruzo! I love Steins;gate!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Laura Sucreine| ローラ・シュクレーヌ

Laura Sucreine| ローラ・シュクレーヌ

Laura is one of the new members of the idol group Afilia Saga East!
She is something like a kitchen idol with specialty dishes like Omu-rice! She works at Afilia Sherry's! Cute and bubbly, Sucre-chan is the fresh new member of Afilia Saga East!

Follow Laura Sucre-chan: @laura_sucreine

Also catch her out in Karen's blog post!

Also, this is the PV which she is participating in! :D

「Afi☆Radio~ Mahou Gakuin Special lessons」|「あふぃ☆ラジ~魔法学院特別授業」

This is a post on the regular Kansai radio show by our Afilia Saga East girls!
Afilia Saga East's leader, Louise and Afilia Saga East's princess, Miku!

I stumbled upon this official page on the radio show and also found a link to listen to this radio show's podcast!!

Link to Official page:
Link to Web Radio :

On the above link, you will see several boxes on the lower half of the page. Click on the box which has a date and has "「あふぃ☆ラジ..." written on it.
And then click on the ”音声を聞く” button to listen to the podcast!!

Would do up some screenshots when I get around fixing my PC.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Kindan Muteki no!(●ω●) [Kohime's Blog]

Good evening(●ω●)
This is Kohime~~

The PS3 version of Steins;Gate and Hiyoku Renri no Darling is on sale now
Those who bought the double back received "that" right?

Gel Banana~☆
Kohime touched it before!~
It was very…mushy!(●ω●)Fu-fu
I can faintly smell the scent of the bananas!

Kindan Muteki no Darling CM |「禁断無敵のだーリン」CM

Finally! The CM of the new single has been released! Kindan Muteki no Darling features the 12-nin group donning new and extremely cute costumes. The CM reveals loads of cuteness in the dance and the PV.

Afilia Saga East's homepage has also been drapped with a whole load of cuteness. 

The new costumes are awfully cute and the pink capes hit the spot! 
Continue to support these cute girls and stay tuned for their new single Kindan Muteki no Darling! 

Info about the campaigns | キャンペーンの情報

After the release date, the random bonus coupon enclosed in the CD can be used to attend the event.

2012年6月12日(火)東京 SHIBUYA TSUTAYA B1特設会場
June 12th 2012, Tokyo, Shibuya TSUTAYA B1 special stage
2012年6月13日(水)東京 タワーレコード新宿店 7Fイベントスペース
June 13th 2012, Tokyo, Tower Records Shinjuku stall 7F event space
2012年6月13日(水)東京 アニメイト横浜店 4Fイベントスペース
June 13th 2012, Tokyo, Animate Yokohama stall 4F event space
2012年6月14日(木)埼玉 HMV大宮ロフト 6Fイベントスペース
June 14th 2012, Saitama, HMV Oomiya Loft 6F event space
2012年6月14日(木)東京 タワーレコード池袋店 5F特設会場
June 14th 2012, Tokyo, Tower Records Ikebukuro stall, 5F special stage
2012年6月15日(金)東京 AKIHABARAゲーマーズ本店 8Fイベントスペース
June 15th 2012, Tokyo, Akihabara GAMERS main stall 8F event space
2012年6月15日(金)東京 アキバ☆ソフマップ1号店 8Fイベントスペース
June 15th 2012, Tokyo, Akiba  Softmap No.1 stall 8F event space
2012年6月16日(土)東京 MEGAWEB(お台場)
June 16th 2012, Tokyo, MEGAWEB (stage)
2012年6月17日(日)東京 池袋サンシャインシティ噴水広場
June 17th 2012, Tokyo, Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain stage

More info:

Friday, 25 May 2012

コヒメ・リト・プッチ | Kohime Lit. Pucci

Kohime is the cutest and loveliest idol (she is secretly a panda) there is in idol history! And Kohime boasts an extremely cute height of 140cm! Being a cute panda, her cute voice and big round eyes will captivate you~! Kohime works at Afilia Magical Academy which can be found in Ikebukuro so be sure to drop by to say hi to this little panda! She will treat you gently and make you want to go there again~!

コヒメは池袋店でいる。アフィリア王国で このコヒメ・リト・プッチと会える!!

 Follow Kohime @okkinapanda

Kohime's blog:

Yukafin『Interviews and Lessons*』[Yukafin's Blog]

Yukafin『Interviews and Lessons*』[Yukafin's Blog]

17th May 2012 23:50

Good evening (^-^*)/good evening!☆
Today was the anitama interview !!
Together with Aria-chan

Thursday, 24 May 2012

(類´_ゝ`){3rd Anniversary☆ [Louise's Blog]

(類´_ゝ`){3rd Anniversary☆ [Louise's Blog]

Maho welcomed her 3rd anniversary being at Afilia Sherry's, on 17th May I have a 3rd anniversary to welcome too!
The third anniversary of ?

Monday, 21 May 2012

I will press the send button! ♪(●ω●) [Kohime's Blog]

I will press the send button! ♪(●ω●)   [Kohime's Blog]

19th May 2012 06:27
Good evening(●ω●)Its Kohime!

Steins;Gate Hiyoku renri no Darling
Game Start !!
AAAAAAAAHHH ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Hearing Okarin's overly self-confident lines are so nostalgic !!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Kindan Muteki no Darling updates! (Jackets) 「禁断無敵のだーりん」ニュース (ジャケット)

「Kindan Muteki no Darling」 updates! (New Jackets!!) 


「Kindan Muteki no Darling」 is the PSP&PS3 version of 「STEINS;GATE Hiyoku Renri no Darling」's Opening theme! This time round, Afilia Saga East is bringing on the cutest song yet! 

「禁断無敵のだーりん」はPSP&PS3版「STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のだーりん」のOPテーマです。 アフィリア・サーガ・イーストはとても可愛い曲とダンスが先輩達にくれる。

♪Aria♪Conveyor Sushi and bridge and bridge♪

♪Aria♪Conveyor Sushi and bridge and bridge♪



Thursday, 17 May 2012




I love Lolipops.
But, because it is dangerous do not walk and eat at the same time.

The recent unstable weather continues and Okinawa is entering its rainy season already.

It feels like summer.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Color Entertainment News Report

Link + more photos:

Utsunomiya「Anime Fiesta」Afilia Saga East and T!P on the stage!

On the last day of Golden week 6th of May(Sun),outside Utsunomiya's JR Tobu line the line of arcades connecting the stations there is a 「Utsunomiya Orion Square」where the「Anime Fiesta 2012」was ongoing. There was no entrance free and since the opening of the hall it was very messy inside the hall.

Monday, 14 May 2012

At a scene much like real life, a loop!(●ω●)

At a scene much like real life, a loop!(●ω●)

2012年5月9日 04:58
Konpanda(●ω●)It is Kohime!

The photo sessions were very fun!!
I learnt from Photo-kano but did I do Mai-chan's respect posing well????
Many Senpais took many photos!
It was very very very fun☆
I want to do a photo session again!!
It was like Photo-kano, but being taken photos of or taking photos are both fun!

Next time is...
I played Steins;Gate Hiyoku renri no Darling
Actually on the Xbox360, Kohime has already cleared all the scenarios 
In each and every of the heroines' heart there is love!
Well everyone is so cute!~I love everyone
When talking about anyone, I am absolutely on Mayushii's team,
After clearing Hiyoku renri, Moeka was very cute!!
It is precisely because Steins;gate's main story has a sad end,
I am very happy that I can reach to Moeka's original charm !!
I wanted to see such a Moeka!!!
Also, Suzuha and Faris and Rukako and Kristy as well... Everyone is cute!!!
Choosing only one person is very hard
It feels happy to meet everyone again
It was very exciting to play it!
By the way☆
Following the Xbox 360 version, there is also the PSP&PS3 versions!
Afilia Saga East is in charge of the opening theme!
The title is『Kindan Muteki no Darling』!
It has both the game's atmosphere and cuteness packed into it、
I will be happy if everyone listens to it a lot!
During recording, Kohime
was thinking about Suzuha's scenario when singing(●ω●)
Please take care of both the new game and the new song.☆


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Song Lyrics for Hikou Jisshuu~ LEARN TO FLY ~ (飛行実習 ~Learn to fly~) (Kanji + Romaji)

Hikou Jisshuu~ LEARN TO FLY ~ (飛行実習 ~Learn to fly~) 

performed by Afilia Saga East  /  アフィリアサーがイースト

歌詞:桃井はるこ  /編曲:大島こうすけ

Happy times [blog]

Happy times

2012-02-02 Somehow I went home alone and because it was too cold
I decided to drop by a cafe*。

ローラ お菓子がたべたい-120202_2049~01.jpg

I ate Ginger hot wine and
Cappuccino gnocchi (*´v`*)

The hot wine made me feel very warm

Cappuccino gnocchi was very delicious(*´v`*)

It was happiness in my stomach.

コヒメ・リト・プッチ | Kohime Lit. Pucci

Kohime is the cutest and loveliest member there is in idol history! And Kohime boasts an impressive height of approximately 140cm! Her cute antics and big eyes will captivate you~! She is a panda lover and pandas probably love her too! Kohime works at Afilia Magical Academy @Ikebukuro so be sure to drop by to say hi to this little beauty and have her treat you with the kind heart she is.

 Follow Kohime @okkinapanda

Kohime's blog:

アリア・M・ミルヴァーナ | Aria M Milvana

Aria is the peachy and sweet princess of Afilia Saga East! She is like a fluffy girl and enjoys eating sweet stuffs! Aria is fun and energetic and probably will offer you a cream puff too! Find her at Afilia Magical Academy @Ikebukuro. Find her at Ikebukuro and let her sweetness do its magic.

Aria's Twitter: @aria6

Aria's blog:

Saturday, 12 May 2012

マホ・ソット・ボーチェ | Maho Sotto Voce

マホ・ソット・ボーチェ | Maho Sotto Voce

Maho is the cute and little sister character of Afilia Saga East! Her short hair and cute teeth sets her apart from the other members! She works at Afilia Sherry's and if you visit her she will shake up a nice cocktail for you. 

Maho's twitter: @mahosv

Maho's blog:

Pictures from radioshows

Pictures from Radioshows last week (5/5/12 - 6/5/12)

From Afilia Saga East Magical Academy Broadcasting Club

More of Kohimeiry


More info:

Catch more of today and tomorrow same time same place!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

(類´_ゝ`){At Tochigi☆

(類´_ゝ`){At Tochigi☆

We performed at Tochi-Tele's☆Anime Fiesta stage!
At the hall there were many many supporters 
Many local people, and the Senpais who came down to our events in Japan also came to support us. Seeing the Senpai's smiles dazzled us on the stage.
During the morning rehearsal we were met with very good weather, but after the stage began and before we appeared there was sudden rain and lightning
We were thinking what to do, but luckily for us when it came to Saga's turn, the rain stopped  

カレン・クラシュカ | Karen Classica

Karen is the pretty and demure angel of the group and an aspiring writer as well. She writes her stories on and this blog has some translations of her writings as well! Check out the tag Karen Sensei to find out more! She works at Afilia Sherry's as an angel so you oughta pay this angel a visit.

Follow Karen @xkxrxnx

Read her blog:

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yukafin『Photo sessions and Anime Fiesta*゜』

Yukafin『Photo sessions and Anime Fiesta*゜』

6th May 2012 23:19


Good evening(^-^*)/
Good evening☆
On 3rd and 4th of May was the
photo sessions!

Thank you very much for the 
two days!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012



Thanks for the second day of photosessions!!!
It was a very enjoyable second day.
Receiving the photos quickly and seeing the individualistic Senpai-tachi's style was very interesting!
Me who is bad at taking photos, have been trying to improve my poses and expressions since last year..

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Karen(・v・*)Laura's Charm(Live-action)

How do you do, its Karen!

Today there was a job, so I was with the members since morning!♪

Karen who got bored half-way was drawing 4komas of the members and their antics!

The first one will be a 4koma based of what I heard from Yukafin.

Louise's daily life』

Doing so was quite fun so I continued drawing more but drawing 4komas are very difficult.

Laura's Charm』

Monday, 7 May 2012

Song lyrics for Baisoku Renai Tokei (倍速恋愛時計)(Romaji + Kanji)

Song lyrics for Baisoku Renai Tokei (倍速恋愛時計

performed by Afilia Saga East (14-nin)   /  アフィリアサーがイースト(14人)

歌詞/ :桃井はるこ 編曲:上野浩

新しいメンバー エミュウのプロフィール!Emiu's Profile!!

Emiu Weilschmidt|エミュウ・ヴァイルシュミット

英語:Emiu Weilschmidt


Japanese Name:エミュウ・ヴァイルシュミット
In English:Emiu Weilschmidt
Belongs to:Roppongi stall
Birthday:3rd of May
Strong points:Hates to lose, Dedicated
Interests:Reading, Dancing, Music appreciation, Housework
Special talents:Speaking Chinese
Favorite food:Ice-cream, Matcha, Pears, Tomato
Favorite Kanji:志 (Will)
Favorite Kaoemoji:(ゝv・´★)
Self appeal:
Afilia Saga's little devil, its Emiu~☆
I love dancing, so I hope that you would notice the energetically dancing me. I am a childish girl but please love me, Senpai♪