Aria♪Meeting in dreams、like a…♪ [Aria's Blog]




How do you do, its Aria.
It is already May.
Aria's favourite strawberry season has ended.
I feel a little lonely inside.
No matter how many strawberries I eat, I wont get tired of it
I want to eat more and more of it!

Next, speaking about May, 
I will be happy if I can see roses.
I want to have a stroll in a garden of roses.

Yes yes.
9th of June is Afilia Saga's 3rd One Man Live.
「Do☆Ki☆Me☆Ki☆Magic」's regular sale of tickets have started.
This is the first time we are standing alone in a hall to perform.
Please come down together with your family and friends!♪
Aria might just let you see her bridge!Laughs.

19th May we are going to Osaka and on the 20th we are headed for 、20日にはHyougo.
We will be at Osaka's Miyako Ion Dainichi ten-san for the preordering campaign of the new single 「Kindan Muteki no Darling」 which will be released on the 13th of June.

At Hyougo we will be performing at the Kobe festival stage.
From here on out, lets meet the fans from all over the country.♪

In the photos is Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica 's Akemi Homura's cosplay.
Aria likes Madoka and by far, I love HomuHomu a lot.