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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Supergame(●ω●)was the best! [Kohime's Blog]

Supergame(●ω●)was the best! [Kohime's Blog]

Good evening(●ω●)its Kohime!

Super Gamesong Live 2012
Thank you very much!!
This live was the widest stage, at Pacifico Yokohama.☆
It was very very very enjoyable!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

It was very cool and it was something that I wanted to join in! and it was also there we tried the pop-up set up for the first time!
From the foot of the stage, ba-dam and we are on top.
The wideness of the stage and the gimmicks shocked and surprised us, making us enjoy the day more and more.
The sea of lightsticks from near and far was very pretty.
Kohime was the smallest, so did you see me?
On the big stage, giving a performance that would not lose to any other.
There are probably a lot of people who have seen an Afilia Saga East performance for the first time,it would make us very happy if everyone who seen our performance left feeling better and liking our performance.

I love games a lot.
To be able to participate in the inaugural Supergame song Live makes me very happy!
To be able to sing and perform the songs of games I love makes me very happy.
To those who supported us at the venue and to those who supported us even on Niconico.
Thank you very much!!

Speaking about gamesongs, game songs and games share a very important relation.
The strong love for the game will also make one love the songs.
The vice versa is possible too with those who like the songs start playing the game as well.
Saga will sing the songs with magic and help decorate the game world that we love so much

Thank you very much for today!
I couldn't contain the excitement because it was really fun!
When going home I heard several「Today was fun! Today was fun! 」being said and also there were many who joked and said「Aren't you a child!」(Laughs)
Ah~ it was really enjoyable! (*>ω<*)

If there are those who just found an interest in Afilia Saga and came to this blog to read,
definitely please read Kohime's game blog uploaded on
I will be talking about the love for games every week~☆



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