【Emiu】The changing world lines [Emiu's Blog]


|∵)/ Yo!
It's Emiu!
I was hesitant whether I should write about this on Twitter.
Recently, there is something I wanted to say...
Because it was long, so I decided to write it on the blog.
The me from one week ago,changed the world......
I experimented with sending D-mails.
There was something on my mind...
「I will send a message to the me from the past.」

The first time I had a mobile phone was when I was in elementary one.
The address was「Name.birthday@~」, something as simple as that.
It was so simple because I thought that there would be no one with the same name and birthday as me..

Title「To the me of the past」

Content「You of the future is very happy.」

I want to prove whether there is a limit to the number of characters in the D-mail.
My hand was over the send button.
Beside my ear was a voice that told me not to press the button
――you shouldn't
――don't press the button!
It is all too late for that now.
――stop it!
――dont do it!
I, have already decided.
What overcame my hesitation was my will to let her know the wonderful friendsand times that I have right now.
――you can't
――press the send button, 
――the world line 
――divergence will

「The mail has been sent」

Ringing, what happened.
There is no error message
what if:it has been sent
Ringing, my head feels like it is splitting
I don't feel my heart, and my vision is spinning
It can't be, this is, me as the Lab's founding member... is it Hoouin Kyouma's ancient power?
Is it the Reading Steiners…!?

To the person who has the same name and same birthday as me, sorry for sending you some weird message. (:3」 ∠)_
Tomorrow is Super Games!☆
Ganbaruzo! I love Steins;gate!