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Monday, 21 May 2012

I will press the send button! ♪(●ω●) [Kohime's Blog]

I will press the send button! ♪(●ω●)   [Kohime's Blog]

19th May 2012 06:27
Good evening(●ω●)Its Kohime!

Steins;Gate Hiyoku renri no Darling
Game Start !!
AAAAAAAAHHH ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Hearing Okarin's overly self-confident lines are so nostalgic !!

The carefree Mayushii speaking is so cute !!
Taru is still a HENTAI
Kristina is blunt with her words
Fayris lets her delusions run wild
Suzuha is my-paced and innocent
Moeka doesn't really talk much..
Rukako is a boy..


Lab members big gathering !
I like this scene a lot !
Rather, in this volume of Steins;Gate、
At the end, there isn't a real gathering of all the members together
Somehow, the feeling is inexpressible ! This is the round table meeting of dreams !
That's because
Kristina and Suzuha are talking together on good terms !
Mayushii and Moeka are eating Karage together !
After clearing Steins;Gate , one would think nothing but how strange it is,
In the story such a scene is close to impossible!
But actually, it is this kind of Future gadget research laboratory that I wanted to see!
The sight of all the Lab members being happy makes me happy!


See there! As expected, Suzuha and Kristina's bond
Became without any problems!
That's great!! The two being friendly makes me happy!
Come to think of it, wait a moment?
『Hiyoku Renri no Darling』's story、
is meant to be different from the original story…
α's world line and β's world line too, and the γworld line 
That came out in the drama CD... will this be a totally different world line??
…the greek letters 、which position does γ(●ω●) come out in ??
Well its okay(Laughs)whichever it is、it will still be a world line with peaceful times !
I believe that it will surely exist!! (*>ω<*)

Next, is the much anticipated D-mail sending !!


Kuuuuuuu !
This is where things get nerve-wrecking !
But this is also where it feels like Steins;Gate !
From the start I was thinking I would start attacking this girl's route.
Well, who is it ?
Well, it has always been that person! ☆
Look forward to the next update! (●ω<)

My heart pumps faster as I press the send button


It came ! ! !
I like the scene of the divergence meter changing with a Gyuuuun ! ! !

Σ(●ω●)Ah !!
Its the δ world line !
This is where Okarin opens the door of destiny and makes his choice,
Kohime is waiting for that ending where everyone will be laughing~
Wait for the next update!


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