How are you doing!? Its Aria
Even during the golden week Aria was concentrating on
events, photo sessions, recordings and lessons.
To those who came down to support Afilia Saga East
Thank you very much!♪

Did everyone enjoy the Golden week?
It is the longest holiday with 9 days
Aria was thinking, if she had a 9 days holiday
what would she do.

To travel to where Namako-san is will be good.
Recently I have taken a liking to conveyor sushi, so maybe
I want to go visit a different conveyor sushi stall everyday. Laughs-

I went to Choushimaru-san and Kappa sushi-san before.
So Aria thought, next time I will go to Kura-sushi-san and Sushiro-san.
But I don't quite have the habit of going to conveyor sushi.
Aria doesn't quite know a lot about it.
When I get asked along I am very happy!

Whether Sushi or western food, I don't know which is better.
Though it is a sushi-san there will also be desserts.
Aria is excited over learning how to do bridges.
If everyone has a conveyor sushi-san to introduce
Please definitely teach me!

Yes, Bridges!
At Gotada U-port on the 9th of June
At the 3rd one man live I will be doing a bridge.
I am practising right now, but it is very difficult.
I have a personal story regarding bridges.
Please look at my twitter @aria6 for more details.

Aria has memories of starting to do bridges since young but
Somehow from sometime on, it became harder to do one.
Everyone, can you do a bridge?

From Aria

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