Yukafin『Interviews and Lessons*』[Yukafin's Blog]

17th May 2012 23:50

Good evening (^-^*)/good evening!☆
Today was the anitama interview !!
Together with Aria-chan

We talked about our upcoming 9th June One Man Live as well as the new single『Kindan Muteki no Darling』which will be released on the 13th of June.♪
The interview will be featured on the『Free Paper Ani-can』-san's 23rd May's release.☆
Please do get it!(*∩'v`∩*)
After the interview was the preparation lessons for the OneManLive♪
It will be a wonderful performance that has all the members looking forward to!( ∩>ω<∩ )+゜☆。
See you again~☆