How do you do, its Aria.
The warm days continue and I sleep earlier.
Everyday, Aria has been eating a lot of icecream, jelly and fruits!!♪

Today from 8 in the morning till 10 at night I have activities and lessons.
I feel that one day's activities pass by very fast.
How have everyone been dealing with their days?

The previous week we travelled to Osaka and Hyogo.
The opportunities for us to travel to meet our fans
will probably increase more from now on.
I want to travel to meet everyone accross the country.♪

Well then, from Aria to everyone are two announcements.
First up is that, 23rd May's issue of the free-paper Anican-san
Will feature Afilia Saga East

Aria and Yukafin talked about the upcoming new single and the one man live.
It has been uploaded onto anican-san's website so please do check it out!♪

Second up was Satomi Moriya-san's『Satomi Moriya's Kan-pake Radio』.
Aria and Mikupomu are the guests on the show.

We are taking applications and requests so
everyone please send them!
It ends on the 25th so please do hurry!♪
\(*σvσ*)/ Purupuru Fuwafuwa~♪

From Aria.

Link: http://blog.livedoor.jp/afiliasaga/archives/1810204.html