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Sunday, 20 May 2012

【Emiu】Love in a heart [Emiu's Blog]

Emiu】Love in a heart [Emiu's Blog]

14th February 2012

|∵)/ Yo
Good evening its Emiu.

Yesterday I was asked to be the guest on 「THE WORKS」.
Saga-chan often goes on this show, but this was Emiu's first time. On top of that, alone.

I am a bit uneasy about this, and when I saw Shikura-san and Momoi-san's face, once again I became very nervous.

Momoi-san said「Take it easy, and speak normally okay~」and with that, I was able to relax slightly and talk normally.
Being able to talk about various things with both producers made me very happy, and from now on I will try harder! And it was this spirit that I got from the day.
Emiuten's charm is my declamation, please listen to it! ♪(Laughs)

Well then well then.
It is Valentine's today!
This year there is a dance lesson so I will collect many sweets from the members!♪
Emiuten made cookies and brought them along.
I hope they will be happy to receive it…
I want to let Senpai try it out some day!

Recently Cocoa graduated, I often drink black tea of Café au lait.

When drinking black tea, having a mug with a lid is convenient right. The one that I like that had a cat on it broke... ...

Maybe I will go to the Disney store.

Today, I will sleep earlier.

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