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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Kindan Muteki no!(●ω●) [Kohime's Blog]

Good evening(●ω●)
This is Kohime~~

The PS3 version of Steins;Gate and Hiyoku Renri no Darling is on sale now
Those who bought the double back received "that" right?

Gel Banana~☆
Kohime touched it before!~
It was very…mushy!(●ω●)Fu-fu
I can faintly smell the scent of the bananas!

Actually, on the release date which was yesterday.
Kohime went to Akihabara
Softmap-san to help out with their special event.
The Steins;gate fans who held the warm hearts !
Kohime asked happily, which girl they liked most!(Laughs)
As expected... the most popular one was Christina!
Kohime supports Mayushii~~(>ω<)
So awfully cute and lovable!☆
I want to talk with her more!!
I want to talk Steins;gate with people who like Steins;gate as well!!!

As the opening theme of『Kindan Muteki no Darling』, during the PR we helped out too.
We were giving out pamphlets in front of the stall!
Together with Emiu!

I wonder were there tourists on sight seeing?
Those who took the pamphlets from us exclaimed「Tiny!!」and was shocked by us.(Laughs)

Mayushii who helped us as well!☆
Its the friendly Narita Hiyori-chan**~
The game in which she is voice-acting in 
『Corpse Party 2U』will be released August 2nd
In this software...


Somehow somehow...!!

Kohime got to do her first appearance as a voice-actor !!
This is the job I have always wanted.
Being able to get closer to my dream makes me very happy.
Well, where will I appear I wonder.
I would be very happy if you look out for me while playing the game!☆
Louise and Aria will also be appearing too!.
The three of us used the dummy head microphones during the recording, it was very enjoyable!~
To feel surrounded by the three of us, please listen to it and play the game with your headphones on!
Please take care of me!


**I aint really sure whether her family name is read as narita... on a side note. Hiyori is also a student at the Afilia Magical Academy, she is studying at the Ikebukuro branch where you can also find Kohime!.
Carol is real cute in real life!!
More info in pictures :


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