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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Emiu Weilschmidt BD burogu post!

|∵)/ Yo!
Good evening, it is Emiu.
Today is the preparation for the BD, so I went out shopping!(*'▽')/☆
I was searching for a bag to use for school, some were too big, pockets too small, the colours must look nice...
I don't often buy bags so the choosing of the bags was difficult..  :;(∩´_`∩);:
Next time I will search again!!
BD's preparation is steadily progressing☆*。
I have decided upon the menu,
the pictures have been chosen as well. The final editing is also done.
Next, what's left is to do up the menu paper. (Demon's Gate)
This is my 2nd BD, but as expected it is still very difficult-nya~
Even if it is, I will still do my best so please come and find me!
Emiu's BD Encounter!
My birthday is on May 3rd!
I will have my birthday encount on May 2nd from 17:00 at Roppongi Afilia Stars!
On that day, the operating hours are extended till 5 in the morning!
Emiuten will be there all the way from the open to close, those who have work please come and meet me even if it is for a little while, that would make me very happy (>_<)
There will also be a countdown calendar♪
the Encounter Menu is entirely Emiu's creations☆
If you order a menu item, you get to have a mini photo as a present♪
If on the Mini photo there is "Atari (当たり)" written on it
Emiuten will give you her off-shots as a present too!☆
I can also write the Senpai's name on the spot if you would like!
Those who are visiting Stars for the first time, those who often come as well, please do come to have fun with us!!
Near Roppongi Go-ban Deguchi (六本木5番出口), I will be waiting at Afilia Stars! (*´v`*)ノ
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  1. a bag for school? this makes me think she is younger than Kohime... emiu is super cute too but kohime still wins