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Monday, 14 May 2012

At a scene much like real life, a loop!(●ω●)

At a scene much like real life, a loop!(●ω●)

2012年5月9日 04:58
Konpanda(●ω●)It is Kohime!

The photo sessions were very fun!!
I learnt from Photo-kano but did I do Mai-chan's respect posing well????
Many Senpais took many photos!
It was very very very fun☆
I want to do a photo session again!!
It was like Photo-kano, but being taken photos of or taking photos are both fun!

Next time is...
I played Steins;Gate Hiyoku renri no Darling
Actually on the Xbox360, Kohime has already cleared all the scenarios 
In each and every of the heroines' heart there is love!
Well everyone is so cute!~I love everyone
When talking about anyone, I am absolutely on Mayushii's team,
After clearing Hiyoku renri, Moeka was very cute!!
It is precisely because Steins;gate's main story has a sad end,
I am very happy that I can reach to Moeka's original charm !!
I wanted to see such a Moeka!!!
Also, Suzuha and Faris and Rukako and Kristy as well... Everyone is cute!!!
Choosing only one person is very hard
It feels happy to meet everyone again
It was very exciting to play it!
By the way☆
Following the Xbox 360 version, there is also the PSP&PS3 versions!
Afilia Saga East is in charge of the opening theme!
The title is『Kindan Muteki no Darling』!
It has both the game's atmosphere and cuteness packed into it、
I will be happy if everyone listens to it a lot!
During recording, Kohime
was thinking about Suzuha's scenario when singing(●ω●)
Please take care of both the new game and the new song.☆


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