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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Magical adventure of the Afilia Saga members (by Karen) Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Chapter Two「The phantom mermaid」

The witches who left on a journey to find the remaining little witches save the world.

The five witches, travelled as an idol group so as to better locate the remaining girls.
The name of the group was Afilia Saga East.

The five witches sung and danced while using lots of their magic.
Though the curse still looms over the world, but as the witches sang and danced and helped lighten the situation, many people said their thanks to these five witches.

Then, this is about something that happened during one day's handshaking session.
One girl said this,
「I am a villager from near the lake, since one month ago people have been continuously disappearing. They went to the lake and never returned again.There is almost no one left in the village. Please, try to save our village.」

The five of them thought that it was for sure to do with the curse, so they hurried over to the lake.

But, there was nothing at the lake.

At that moment, from somewhere a white dog appeared! Its ears were really long, it was a strange looking dog.
That dog... threw itself into the lake.

The five of them who wanted to save the dog went into the river as well.

Then, the shocking discovery. At the bottom of the lake were many many people.
Everyone seemed to be trapped by something and they were all sitting down.
The five of them dived closer to the bottom of the lake.

What followed shocked them.  
Unexpectedly, the one who trapped the people was a mermaid.
On top of which it was a ravishing mermaid.
The people seemed to enjoy talking to the mermaid.

The mermaid who noticed the five witches asked, 
「Who are all of you? We are just having fun chatting, don't disturb us.」

The witches were stunned by the mermaid's beauty.

 Following which, Rose suddenly said.
「Everyone's eyes have been blinded. This person is not a mermaid at all! It is a human!」

With that voice, the witches regained their consciousness.

Because Rose was wearing her spectacles, she could not be fooled by the mermaid's appearance. 

Then Meena noticed.
「Could it be that... this person has been influenced by the curse to have the form of a mermaid? 」

The mermaid spoke.
「You noticed well. But, I want this curse to be on me for ever! So leave us alone!」

Louise said.
「Mermaid-san, you used magic to bring those people safely under the water,   but when that magic stops these people are sure to drown! We can't possibly leave you alone! 」

Kohime said.
「Mermaid-san, you were once a human right? Why is it that being a mermaid is fine? There must be people on the surface waiting for you!」

Following which, a sad expression spread across the mermaid's face.
「Shut up shut up! I have no friends on the surface! Leave the lake!!」
after saying that, the mermaid attacked the witches with magic.

The mermaid's magic was too strong, the witches were almost drowning.

Then Aria said this to the others
「I am not really sure about what is going on but... we have to undo the curse! If only mermaid-san can return to being a human...」

 But the magic was too strong, the five of them were helpless against it.

At that moment.


echoed through the water.

The sound came from somewhere near them. Then the white dog which threw itself into the river earlier jumped towards them!

Picoon☆彡 Picoon ☆彡PicoPico☆彡

The dog jumped and barked with Picoon or something that has some sound effect.

Just then, the witches drowned by the overwhelming magic attack from the mermaid.

The five of them seemed to be disappearing and the white dog watched and PicoPico jumped..

to be continued

By Karen☆彡

(ed note: all tl errors are mine~)

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