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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Karen Sensei's special interview

Ambushing the author of「Afilia Saga Suspense 2」's series Karen Sensei.

On JPCUL,  Afilia Saga East's  Karen Classica's short story 「Afilia Saga Suspense 2」has been uploaded. We will be interviewing writer Karen Sensei on JPCUL. We will be asking her about her writing, the writers she liked as well as what she likes. The later half will be the interview with Karen Classica so please stay tuned till then.

――The previous「Afilia Saga Suspense」was also received warmly.  Please tell us about your feelings on the series.

Karen Sensei:When writing the screenplay for the drama on our variety programme『Afilia Saga Quest』,when I said「I want this writing to become a novel」. That was how the talk about the series came about. At first it didn't feel real. But after it began, I looked forward to every week, the serialization was much fun.

――The second season「Afilia Saga Suspense2」has also received good comments, do you have any plans to follow up with this series?

Karen Sensei:There were many people who liked the series and were happy about the continuation of the series. But this time, after writing one chapter I looked forward now more than ever to the comments after that, there were those who enjoyed it, those who were shocked by it as well. With that, one chapter at a time I wrote it with joy.

Karen Sensei what would you like to write?

――The previous time, the protagonist was Karen but this time the protagonist was shifted to be the staff-san, how do you feel about it?

Karen Sensei:This time around, I wasn't appearing as much. I thought that it would be better to have a bit of a change, rather than having only my point of view, having the story told by different points of view would have been interesting. But, just that as I wrote it I ended up appearing as well.(Bitter Smile)As expected, it is easier to use what I know best. But the hardest part is correctly portraying the the feelings of the members.

――It doesn't look that spicy (Laughs)

Karen Sensei:No! It is spicy! (Laughs) That is why I would like to write about it in a fantasy style. 

As an Afilia Saga East staff, sharing our feelings with the fans.

――This time it is written in the point of view of a male, is it hard to write from the point of view of a male?

Karen Sensei:It did not really feel difficult, at first I was deciding whether I should use a female staff. But, I stuck with using a male stuff who is observant. But, the male Afilia Saga East staffs are not that close to the members as females would. Establishing the relationship between them and the incident, that part is difficult.This time I would like the fans to view it from the viewpoint of the staff. That is why, until the end I hope everyone will empathize with the characters.

About uploading novels on blogs.

―― Anyway, this series allows people who don't know about Afilia Saga members to know more about the members. Karen Sensei have you always enjoyed writing like this?

Karen Sensei:Actually that is not always true. The first time I wrote was when I was in elementary school. Wasn't there that dog Kudo who went into space. Anything else from that was not terrific... Writing wasn't exactly my strong point.

――Well then, has it been a while since you uploaded short stories on your blog?

Karen Sensei:Yes, it has been quite a while.

――There has been much change since blogging.

Karen Sensei:I wonder if it was an original style. Normally,people who goes to an idol's blog would not expect novels on the blog. An idol blog would usually have more of stuffs like what they did that day and what they ate that day so I thought I would do something out of the ordinary. With a novel that has not yet fully matured, being able to make an impact and gain attention makes me very happy.

In truth, the Karen Sensei who is weak against suspense

――This serialization had「Suspense」thrown into it, was Karen Sensei a lover of suspense and mysteries?

Karen Sensei:Actually, I don't really like that.

――Ehh! Is that so?

Karen Sensei:Yes, for mystery I have only read it for culture and knowledge. I am weak with writing gory stuff. Stuff like brain juice flying all around and the eyeballs bursting.

――The words Sensei use are very gory(Laughs). Well then, do you like Conan-kun?

Karen Sensei:I read Conan-kun and Ginta-Kun as well.。

――I see. Have you been reading Conan-kun and Ginta-Shounen since young?

Karen Sensei:Yes, for the previous time I was following the image of Conan-kun. If you ask me which I prefer, I like fantasy and literature better.

When it comes to writers, I like Majiou Tarou, Satou Yuuya and Kanehara Hitomi.

―― By the way, on the topic of literature, which author do you like?

Karen Sensei:I like Majiou Tarou!

――Majiou Tarou was at the same time also a mystery writer right.

Karen Sensei:Yes, thats right. If we talk about mystery writers I like Satou Yuuya as well. I picked up my own pace from those writers, I also do like Kanehara Hitomi.  Kanehara's『Hebi ni Piasu』is quite popular as well. Just that, I like the writings from then on as well. Receiving comments and improving on one's writing, I feel that I share those feelings with others. 

The next work will be on fantasy, and the dream of getting published continues!

――With this series coming to a close, what would you be writing next?

Karen SenseiAfilia Saga East is my main inspiration for my writing, for my next writing I would be heading into the theme of fantasy.

――「Afilia Saga・Fantasy」That's good!I want to read it! 

Karen Sensei:Ahahhahaha (Laughs)

――Well then, Karen Sensei could we have some words for your readers.

Karen Sensei:This time, please finish this series with a bit of warmness in the heart as you read. I would be very happy if you would enjoy my writing till the end. Also, I am hoping for publication so please show me support (Laughs)

―― Thank you very much!

Next, we will be delivering Karen Classica's interview!


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