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Thursday, 26 April 2012

「Afilia Saga East Magical Academy Broadcasting Club.」


「Afilia Saga East Magical Academy Broadcasting Club.」

On air:Super!A & G+ Fortnightly on Sunday  23:30~24:00
Appearances by:Kohime, Meiry, others

 From left: Maho, Meiry, Kohime, Aria

Afilia Saga East Kohime & Meiry

 Kohime Lit Pucci | コヒメ・リト・プッチ

Meiry Malonfeel | メイリ・マロンフィール

Afilia Saga East, the viral group that Shikura Chiyomaru and Haruka Momoi jointly produced, with their 7th single [Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru] attained 6th placing in the weekly oricon rankings.  During the girls' Sunday radio show 「Super!A & G +」Afilia Saga East Broadcasting club made a renewal on this note.   Up till now Kurumi and Yukafin were the main personalities of the radio show but now replacing them are new personalities Kohime and Meiry!!

On the talk show, there would be other members accompanying our two personalities in an interesting talk show! And a new corner named "Afilia Judge! Mahou Gakuin,Discipline Committee" begun as well. Usually they would ask a question like "What would you choose this time? " and if the members judged correctly it will be passed as their rule!

On 22nd April's broadcast we will be having Aria and Maho as guests on the shows. With the new personalities Kohime and Meiry the new radio show starts.

Afilia Saga East - Kohime and Meiry's comments

◆As the personalities of the renewed radio show, Kohime-chan and Meiry-chan please share with us your thoughts about the radio show.

Kohime 「Up till now, undertaking the role of the chairman of 『Afilia Mahou Gakuin Broadcasting club』are Kurumi and Yukafin, I have joined as a guest many times as well but as the chairman (personality) now I have to make sure that the radio show is divided properly if not the flow of the radio show will be difficult to control. Doing that makes me very excited! But, Meiry's actions are so unprecedented...」

MeiryKohime-chan is serious so I leave it up to her to manage the flow!!」

Kohime 「Yes yes(Bitter laugh). Well, it is true that I am too serious, whereas Meiry is so energetic. I think that we strike a very nice balance!(Laughs)」

Meiry「We have always been working together in Ikebukuro stall and many call us the Kohimeiry combi, I think that our coordination is perfect! But, still  among the Senpai-tachis (the listeners) I am sure that their image of Afilia Mahou Gakuin Broadcasting club are still strong with the memories of what Yukafin and Kurumi has done while MC-ing for the show. But!「That is that」「This is this」or something like that.(Laughs) Kohime-chan and I will do our best to create a different image of the 『 Afilia Mahou Gakuin Broadcasting club 』」

◆How do you find the “Afilia Judge!Mahou Gakuin・Discipline Committee”?

Kohime 「Various previously unjudged questions will surface and we wish to hear views about them, there would be two choices and we will see which has more. The side which has more will become the 'rule'. We hope more Senpaitachis send curious and interesting questions to us!」

◆For example, what kind of Judge questions might there be?

Meiry「When you cannot decide the angle of Picoon, what do you do !? 1= Ask Meiry 2= Practice swinging。Something like that.」

Kohime 「I don't understand the meaning of the example you gave!(Laughs). For example, when you think about Winter, which comes to mind first!? 1= Nabe 2= Oden. With something that feels like that we would ask various questions and receiving questions too makes us happy!」

◆How do you feel welcoming your guests?

MeiryMaho-chan is like a delinquet youth and Aria-chan was like some weird princess! It was quite interesting!(Laughs)」

Maho-chan , what are your thoughts after being the guests on the renewed radio show?

Maho「The both of them had a better balance then expected, it felt real nice being there with them.  Kohime is serious while Meiry is wacky!(Laughs)。Even during the recording, from beginning to end I was caught up in Meiry's talk and Kohime skilfully handled the flow of the show allowing me to be comfortable while on the talk show. Also,  the corner “Afilia Judge!Mahou Gakuin・Discipline Committee” , at first I was wondering whether everyone's opinion will be the same, but in fact our opinions seemed to have been quite different! “Ehhhhh~ So it was that.” was one of many things I felt as I left happily having enjoyed myself. Everyone, please continue to show your support!」

The two new chairmans of the Afilia Mahou Gakuin Broadcasting Club

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