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Friday, 6 April 2012

Making of! of Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru PV!

The bonus content of the DVDs are the Making ofs of the PVs. There are three versions of the PVs. The normal version, dance only version and the director's cut version.
Buy the disc to watch them all!
Limited ed A(with dvd):
Limited ed B(with dvd):
Regular ed :
Below are some caps (from Limited ed A)~

The filming of the solo shots~

 Sucre-chan was like "iyada~ chikai yo" or You are so close!
 then Aria was like offering her a tidbit to eat.
 Sucre-chan said no... then Aria was like... why don't you want to eat what Aria offered you?
 Sucre-chan explained it was because she was going next... then she gave in and opened her mouth.
 Then Aria ate it up! Da-dum.
 Aria wins.

Look closely at the following Kohime picture.

 Now you don't see Maho...

 Now you see Maho!

 Sucre-chan and Emiu posing for the camera~

 Group hug/crying

The below screen is from Disc two of the Limited Ed B.

Afilia Saga East will always be the fourteen of them in their hearts.

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