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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Afilia Saga East new Radio show


Afilia Saga East new radio show「Afi☆Raji~Mahou Gakuin Tokubetsu Jyuugyou」starting from 7th April!

Afilia Saga East's Chariman Louise and Sexy leader(?)Kurumi will be hosting their new Variety talk radio show on Radio Kansai from 7th of April.  The two personalities will be holding a corner to learn more about Kansai, a corner about their magic as well. It will be full of Afilia Saga East goodness. Every time, there would be one member joining them. It will be an exciting special lesson! This time, the girls will be introducing themselves!

Q.Please speak about your hope for this new radio show.

Kurumi:We have become regulars on the new radio show for Radio Kansai. We have always participated on radio shows as guests, or with videos. This would be our first time having a full radio show all to Afilia Saga and I am very happy! We hold events in Kansai as well but with the talkshow on RadioKansai, we will be able to reach out to more people living in Kansai and let them know more about us! I hope that they will grow to like us.

Louise:I love the radio, when I study till late at night accompanying me is the radio.I often make requests and send mail to the late night radios. Just like this, I became a personality on the radio too, I am so happy!!

Q. A message to the fans who are looking forward to your radio show

Kurumi:It begins in April and I hope the people in Kansai listen to it. The timing is on Saturday night so it should be better to listen to it! You can also listen to the net version to be released 3 days later (Tuesday) at Radio Kansai There are iPhone and android apps available as well so I hope everyone listens to it. I also hope that more people would come to know of Afilia Saga East and like us too.

Louise:The radio's main personalities will be Louise and Kurumi but to truly complete this radio show we need the support from the many listener Senpai-sans. That is why, we will try our best to host a very fun radio show that everyone can enjoy. We will be waiting for you~!

More information

New radio show「Afi☆Raji~Mahou Gakuin Tokubetsu Jyuugyou」
From the 7th April(Sat)in「」

Afilia Saga East's LouiseKurumi
(From the second run, other members will be the weekly guests )

Every Saturday 24:30~25:00  JST 

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