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「TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012」アフィリア・サーガ・イースト出演します! Afilia Saga East is performing at TIF2012!

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Kohime and Meiry (anican column)



 Hello there! The one who will make you glance up! From today you are a Kohimeito too! Panda☆LOVE na☆Otome‼
 It is Kohime~ ~ (●ω●)

 Well Meiry is, a very innocent and cute girl!
I feel that within  Meiry , she keeps a unique world all to herself!
 No matter what she does, it seems that sound effects always follows her!(Laughs)
  Kohime sounds like she is shocked at what she sees but in actuality some of it is common sight to me(ーωー)FuFuuuuuuuu~
 When talking about imitating a Sea otter, she suddenly revealed her own original dance, she is truly innocent and one can't get tired around her.
 What I like is to tickle the bottom of Meiry's chin with my fingers.
 She gives off the feel of a small little animal and the way Meiry wriggles is very cute!☆
 But then, if I do that too much Meiry will be angry and treat it like a gag on me, Kohime has to be careful of that! (Laughs)

Together with such a MeiryKohime is hosting a radio show.
 「Afilia Saga East Magical Broadcasting Club」!This show airs every sunday at 2330 on A+G-san, This is Afilia Saga East's programme, we succeeded the role of the presidents of this club replacing the previous presidents Yukafin and Kurumi. This is  Kohimeiry  combi!♪
 Please take care of us! (^-^)/

 On the 9th of June, Afilia Saga East's one man live will be opening at Gotada U-port!
The stage has become larger and this is very heartpumping, this time it will be an even more outstanding performance than the previous times! So let's have fun together!
 Please definitely come and find us okay!
 Let's enjoy it together! (●ω<)


KonniPicoon☆彡It is Meiry ~\(∂∀∂)/

 Senpai-tachi are you Genki? Did you go to view the flowers? Have you eaten Dango?
 Meiry forgot her Dango at the Mahou Gakuin(;_;)/

 This time it is about the smallest girl, Kohime!!

 Uhm, somehow or another I have accumulated 140 years of being with  Kohime-chan. (Magical History)
 Meiry is the second generation whereas Kohime is the first generation, but after joining Afilia Saga we began to talk a lot!

  Kohime-chan may be small but she feels like a mother, she spoils Meiry with Melonpan, how kind of her~。I am very grateful nya~ 

 Whenever she is happy or shocked her eyes will sparkle widely and when she is tired her eyes will get smaller, I find that very cute!

 From now on, when we are sleepy, when she is spoiling me and when we are shocked!?!? We will work hard together to mature☆彡

 Our 3rd One Man Live has been decided! (Wahh)
 Saturday 9th of June, at Gotada U-port! Our new song「Kindan Muteki no Darling」will be released on 13th of June, so please do look out for us~♪

 Well then this was Meiry\(∂∀∂)/Den☆彡Picoon☆彡♪

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