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Friday, 13 April 2012

Magical adventure of the Afilia Saga members (by Karen) Chapter 3

Chapter Three「The secret of the mermaid」


Louise opened her eyes with shock.

Where... could this possible be?

Then, the girl who she did not know sat beside Louise.

The girl said with relief,
「You finally woke up. I was worried that you would not wake up, after all the curse affected the water of the lake! 」

Louise asked,
「Who are you・・・? Before this, we were...drowning...」

The girl said.
「Ah! Sorry! While in this form, you would not understand right! I am the white dog from earlier! Do you remember now?」

Louise was shocked. But how did the white dog turn into a girl...
Other than that, everyone...the mermaid...

Following which, the girl who seemed to know what Louise was thinking about said
「Everyone is over there! I am sure that everyone will open their eyes soon! 
Also, the mermaid is also over there and fine. Ah, also the people from the village will be fine too!☆彡 」

Looking around, everyone was lying around. 

Then, Louise was shocked once again.
Unexpectedly, the mermaid returned to her human form. But it seemed that the wind has been knocked out of her.

「Did you save us? Thank you... but, why.. ?」
Louise asked.

The girl said
「Ah, sorry again! Picoon~☆彡 I didn't do a self introduction right!? My name is Meiry☆彡 I am the successor of Picoon magic and transformation is my expertise! Also also, uhm... in any case, that kid has been cursed with a powerful transformation, Picoon's dance and reversed the curse! Do you understand? Do you~ Picoon!? 」

Louise...did not really understand her.
But when the girl named Meiry spoke about the curse, then things began to fall into place about saving them from the curse and all.

After that, everyone slowly begun to wake up.
Louise explained the situation from the start to the others.
Meiry was hiding under a giant leaf and pounced out and ran around by herself energetically.

The girl who was the mermaid has yet to open her eyes.

Meena asked Meiry.
「Did you save everyone all by yourself?」

Meiry replied
「Picoon's dance stopped the mermaid's transformation、 after which the villagers managed to stay conscious!Then, the villagers helped me to save all of you. ☆彡」
「Anyways, I came here to find you people with the intent of saving the world together with you, the situation seems more dire than I thought, we have to do something about it, and quick...」
She added.

At that time,
Something that sounded like「Why... Why did this... 」echoed.

Everyone was surprised, and when they looked in the direction of the voice. They saw the girl who was a mermaid regain her consciousness. She began to sit there and started crying.

Aria asked
「Are you okay? What is your name?」

The girl responded with
「Its Yukafin... why did..the curse stop.. I am.. I am..」
and began to cry even more badly.

Meena said this to Yukafin
「Yukafin. Why is keeping the curse as it is fine? If you keep the curse as it is, there is always the possibility that you will change for the worse. 

Rose said
「Yukafin is an impressive name. If you feel like it, would you carto share your story?」

Yukafin continued crying and she began speaking.


Yukafin was born in a port town not far off from the lake. 
When she was born she was a very beautiful baby, often compared to a goddess.
Her parents are very elated, but there is a problem. 
That is that, Yukafin is slightly different from others.
When Yukafin was born, around her collarbone there grew things that resemble scales.
The people around her told her parents it was ominous and to take great care while caring for her.

Yukafin's parents showered her with love whereas the people of the port city grew afraid of her. 
Other than the collarbone, her intriguing beauty stuns and scares people as well. 

Because of that, Yukafin had no friends.
Since young, she has always been alone.
When Yukafin was at the sea, there were fishes and squids around her, but they could not talk to her.
Though she could play with fishes and squids, there soon grew within her a lonely and sad feeling.
Just like that, her heart slowly began to close up.

It was a month before.
Yukafin decided to leave the port town, she strolled and found a lake.
Yukafin felt a mysterious charm and ended up jumping into the river.

After that, she became a mermaid.


Yukafin said this...
「I have always wanted friends. I wanted friends you could always talk to and could relate to. The people who came to the lake were not afraid, and we ended up talking a lot. Thats why, I did not want to return to normal, I wanted to continue talking at the bottom of the lake. With the magic, I would continue talking at the bottom of the lake forever. Everyone and I probably forgotten the time, it was very fun. When I became a mermaid, I was always aware it was the effect of the curse, I was very depressed within. To me compared to the other places, this curse was much warmer. That is why I wanted the curse to never go away, that is what I thought. But... with this, I am once again all alone.」

Kohime said
「Without knowing anything, I said that there were friends waiting for you..., sorry.」

Meena said
「Thats right! Hey, why don't you become friends with us! Talking to Yukafin is bound to be very interesting!」

Rose too said
「We thought it was due to the curse, but I think the people from the village were affected by the magic of charm. But, this charm magic can only be found from that smile of yours. The village people seemed to be really having fun talking with Yukafin. 」

Aria said
「If you could use that much magic, you are probably one of the girls we were searching for. If you don't mind, would you come together with us?  Together, using dance and music lets break the curse.」

Yukafin surprised, said
「But... I did terrible things. Now, I don't know whether I can use magic..on  top of that that the scales..」

With that, Yukafin looked down and realized something.
Somehow, the scales have disappeared.

Louise「Even if the scales are gone, that is no problem. After all, Yukafin is extremely cute, you will become a popular member! ☆ While saving the world, we are performing to also find the other girls! If you do it, you will surely find yourself friends from all over the world! It's wonderful right! Yes!?」

Yukafin gave a little thought to it, and gave a small nod.
「If I could.. make many.. friends.. that would be good.」

Following which Meiry said
「Picoon☆彡Hang on Hang on! Did you forget about me!? I have became part of you too right!! 」

The witches have, completely forgotten all about Meiry.

Louise said。
「We still do not really know Meiry ... you are our savior, so I am sure you are a good girl! If we don't try it we won't know! 」

Meiry wriggled and said
「Its not for sure, I am!☆彡 Details should be kept for later, the village people gave their thanks for rescuing them and are preparing a feast for us! My stomach is growling! Lets hurry and go!☆彡」

With that, a dark expression loomed over Yukafin's face again.
「But I did all those terrible things to the people from the village...」

Meiry said
「Its fine!☆彡 The village people are not at all angry! Rather since it was fun they would like to talk to you once again☆彡」

Yukafin's heart thumped loudly.
Her stomach growled as well.

Everyone has different feelings but they are all hungry, so they all returned to the village together. 

At the village they were treated to a sumptuous feast. 
Yukafin apologized for what she had done and ended up talking a lot with thevillage people and the witches over the meal.

With that the girl who was released from the curse, Yukafin, and the mysterious Picoon girl who saved them, Meiry, joined their party of witches and they once again set off as witches to save the world.

To be Continued

By Karen☆彡

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