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Friday, 20 April 2012

Karen Classica special interview

Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru」release special!Karen Classica secret interview

Well then, from here on it is Afilia Saga East's Karen Classica and her response on their new single 「Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru」

――Firstly, about the new song「Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru」could you share with us your feelings as a singer and about the campaigns?

Karen:It is a song about encounters and departures. With the sad feelings of parting, one would continue walking ahead with where the future is waiting for them.This March and April is the season for meeting many people and for parting with some. Is it not a song that one could easily relate to. Regardless of how many times we sang it during the campaigns, when the Senpais (fans) say that it is a tearjerking song and that it makes one look forward that makes me feel very happy.

――Previously, there was the Rose and Meena graduation live, could you share with us your thoughts about that day as well?

Karen:There was a part where only Meena and Rose was standing on the stage, at that point in time at the back stage when watching it from the monitor, then the feelings of graduation flooded me. I thought, once they stepped through the door, we would feel extremely sad. The loneliness we feel with the graduation of Rose and Meena who have been very precious members is very great, however at the same time we have to do our best.

――How are the two new members?

Karen:Both Emiu and Laura are very nice and serious girls, they help us quite a bit as well. But, still with this I have become a Senpai.

Lately, the thing that everybody is hooked onto is Greentea and growing flowers.

―― I am not sure whether during interviews you have been asked this, but how do you feel about them?

Karen:Now, the popular things are Matcha and Ganache. For Matcha, I used to be in the tea ceremonial club, so I can relax and drink it even at home.

――Does that come from yourself?

Karen:Personally, I love Matcha. Not Matcha milk or something like that, but just Matcha. Then it would be buying a stalk of flower from the florist and enjoy the day normally.

――Finally, could you tell us your goal for this year?

Karen:Firstly, on the 9th of June at Gotanda U-port we will be having our third One Man Live, this will be the first One Man Live since Rose and Meena's graduation, I hope that this will go smoothly. One step at a time we seem to be going up, the venue for the Lives seem to be increasing in size and this gives us the feel of maturing and it touches us. On that matter, it will be the first time we are performing at Gotanda U-port's hall, I will do my best during this Live as well. Please take care of me.


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