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「TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012」アフィリア・サーガ・イースト出演します! Afilia Saga East is performing at TIF2012!

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Monday, 2 July 2012

♪Aria♪Aria's Garden?♪ [Aria's Blog]

♪Aria♪Aria's Garden?♪

29th June 2012 23:01



How do you do, its Aria

We had the event at Games Panic
We also took part in YGA-san's「Onbu ni Dakko ni kataguruma」at Nakano Sun Plaza
We appeared on the programme by AKB48-san's Fujie Reina 「GirlsNews~Girls Pop」
June passed so quickly.
The 「GirlsNews~Girls Pop」
will be on air from July 17th!☆

Today as well there was a 6 hour long dance lesson and rehearsal.
Did everyone go to work and school I wonder?

Speaking of which among Aria's many dreams and targets、
one of them has been achieved by half-way!
My dream is to in Aria's Nakano, stand on the Nakano Sun Plaza's stage.

This time's performance wasn't Afilia Saga East's One Man Live...
so I wonder does that count as achieving it only「Half-way」
The next time when standing on the Nakano Sun Plaza stage
if only it was Afilia Saga's One Man Live that would be good.

I have been to the Nakano Sun Plaza to watch Idols perform,
everyday learning from those performances.
To Aria, it is a very important and special place.

Even now, sometimes I go to the net-cafe at Nakano Sun Plaza♪
Nakano Eki North entrance is Aria's garden! Laughs
Where is everyone's special place?

From Aria


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