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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sucre『Running』[Laura's Blog]


It is Laura!!('O')/

「Hashire」 - KEI feat.GUMI (3:32)

I hate marathons.

Even so, I didn't want to lose so I finished it.

Even though running is faster
A marathon is a battle with myself.

Long distance isn't exactly my strong point.

Running with all your might or
Swinging your hands while running
Everything is up to you.

I hate running first.

The fear of getting chased up to makes running less likable.

That's while,
When someone is behind you running,
Your timing will fall.

Though I lost,
I hoped to at least win myself.

Listening to KEI-san's「Hashire」,
The me from the sports club came into my mind.

I hate losing,
but I am a weak person too.

Without anyone around me
Walking alone is a tiring thing.

Looking up.

There is uncertainty there.
Even then.

Giving up is too early!

Today, 8th July at Odaiba MEGAWEB we were at
Kotone Mai-san's「Magic Kiss」In-store event as guests!

12:00~ Momoi Haruko-san
17:00~ Afilia Saga East

小桃音まいインストアにゲスト出演!@MEGA WEB詳細 

Please come to play(*´∇`*)!
Will be waiting!*゜

By the way, I hate shuttle run even more(・公・)
Even more so, with determination and pride

I have no wish to lose.

It is just me hating to lose.


I'll be off !

Laura Sucreine


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