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Thursday, 2 August 2012

【Emiu】Game Song enjoyment! [Emiu's Blog]

【Emiu】Game Song enjoyment!

21st July 2012 22:15

Good evening, its Emiu.
Today we went to BelleSalle Akihabara for the Kagaku Adventure Festival. Then we also participated in the Akabee Soft 2 Live at Shibuya AX.

At Kagaku Adventure Festival from「Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling」
01,La*La*La Rabolution
02, Kindan Muteki no Darling

At Akabee Live we sang
01,Watashi☆LOVE na☆Otome
02, New Song!「Akatsuki no Goei Trinity」Theme song

At Kagaku Adventure Festival's booth there were many Kagaku Adventure series goods!
The 「Passionfruit -man」which came out from Robotics notes…it was written that it is very delicious, but is that for real??(>_<)
The Skal, Botan Rice candy and other Kagoshimaken's local specialties makes me feel a sense of nostalgia.★
Gantsuku 1 was very cool!!
The Akabee Live, the love and enthusiasm from the Akabee-san's Game-lovers is very moving!
The crowd was very serious and great!
Revealing the new song, made the crowd go wild and it was very enjoyable!(*´∇`*)
I will be waiting for comments from those who have heard the new song.♪



P.S. editnote: Kagaku means science... so the Kagaku Adventure series is the 5pb's Science Adventure series.  

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