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「TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012」アフィリア・サーガ・イースト出演します! Afilia Saga East is performing at TIF2012!

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Friday, 3 August 2012

(類´_ゝ`){Toyosu☆ [Louise's Blog]


23rd July 2012 00:55
It was the event at Lala Port Toyosu-san!
Outdoors Live!

 It is a stage surrounded by the pond!!
Thinking about it now, maybe we could have fallen off~!
The temperature was cooling but after singing it became really really hot!!!
This must be the feeling of the Live.
During the handshaking session, many spoke to me about『Kuroko no Basuke』which made me very happy!
There are also those who began reading what I introduced and it made me really happy!
It is great that we have common points!!!
Also, I am thankful for those who spoke to us about their thoughts about the Live~!

Recently, because of many people are here at handshaking sessions for the first time, all the members have nameplates! Many went home with the thought of『You are a chairman!』
Little by little, little by little I am thankful for more and more people remembering our names!

There are many students who are already enjoying their Summer vacation right!
Where would everyone go to?

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