Good evening, its Maho!
Yesterday, was the end of the Ani-song Cover CD『Platinum』's campaign!

We've been to Toyosu, Odaiba, Oomiya and many other places.
During the campaign we also went to Aichi and Kobe.
All of the event was very interesting, we met many Senpais, talked a lot
It was a really memorable event!

Yesterday and the day before were the last two days of donning the HMV uniform
Polo-shirt was cute!(*・ω・)ノ

And also,
with the end of yesterday's event, Karen will begin to take a break.

Karen and I met for 6 days before joining Saga as the same generation,
we have been working together ever since.

It has only been 1 year and 9 months since entering Saga.
But, together we made many memories.

During our first ever Knee High Egoist lesson together,
I made some regretful memories, I sprung around when dancing.

On the day of Maho's debut in Saga, to celebrate this Karen
brought a cake to our resting room.

On the day of Karen's debut in Saga, there was a very huge stage,
up till the performance, we practiced the dance together in front of the mirror

Before the Live, in the room next to our resting room we were practising Luminous.
I remember it all so well.

During Hikou Jisshu's PV shooting both of us would sweet a lot
and we would trouble the Make up artist a lot!

When we went to Okinawa, we shared the same room.
The room which has a washing machine, was quite hot!
We talked loads everyday.

During Umeda's Live, Houkago_romance
was there as well.

Winter, towards dance lessons and studio the both of us would walk together.
Once, it was sunny yet it was snowing. Miracle!
It was only for a moment, but it was really beautiful.

Somehow, it became looking back and recollecting memories.
Not all was written down,
but there are more stuff than this.

The Afilia Saga with 12 members
what we are thinking are all the same.

Karen, karen,
is always smiling, kind, a very girlish girl.
with her long hands and legs she dances very gracefully.her alto voice is very beautiful and
she has loads of what I lack.

The only member from the same generation as myself, my beloved partner and the biggest rival.
I really really love her.

MahoKaren』a combination that seemed all so natural. Being called as a pair, I really loved it.

Thank you.

Its okay if you go slowly, but , Karen you must get well.
Everyone is praying for you.

Even during the break , we will meet at Sherry's(´∀`*)!

Soon it will be the hot and intense August!