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Sunday, 24 June 2012

♪Aria♪ Never again this summer♪ [Aria's Blog]

♪Aria♪ Never again this summer♪

22nd June 2012 23:10




How do you do, its Aria.♪
The six-day straight「Kindan Muteki no Darling」campaign ended smoothly,
I feel a bit relieved.
Thank you very much everyone.
If you have views about the songs or PV, please definitely talk to Aria about it♪

Though I have only a bit of a breather
I had precious rest yesterday and the day before.
I went to the karaoke and played net-games that I liked♪
Games and songs are the greatest in my opinion. Laughs

On the 25th of July Ani-song Cover CD「Platina」and
last year's 2nd One-man-live at Zepp Tokyo on DVD&Blu-ray
will be on sale.
I hope to capture hearts again.☆
Today too had a six hour long lesson.

Aria with those feelings is thinking of eating ice-cream everyday.
I will work hard this summer too♪
For ice-cream and everyone's smile I will work hard.
Singing Akihaba-rabu
Never again such a summer, I want to spend it with you.

I wonder is it too early to talk about summer?
Aria can't help but feel happy
about this summer that she will spend with everyone.
This summer, do you want to spend it with Aria?

Tomorrow there is an event at game-panic Adachi.
 There is a mini-live and handshaking session
so please definitely come to play!♪
Play basketball together with Aria
Rather, please teach Aria how to shoot the ball. Laughs

From Aria.


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