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Friday, 1 June 2012

Karen(・v・*)PyonPyon-Girl [Karen's Blog]

Karen(・v・*)PyonPyon-Girl [Karen's Blog]

How do you do, its Karen.

Today we participated in the Kobe Matsuri♪

To those who came along with us, to those who came to meet us and to the people in Kansai.★
Thank you very much!(^-^)!!

Have those people who know little about Afilia Saga learn more about us yetヾ(*´∀`*)ノ?

On the shinkansen there, Laura wrote on a cheki for me~!

Its cute right?♪

On the shinkansen home, I wrote on Cheki for Laura~!

Saga members are very interesting!

Happy members.

By the way!

The upcoming single's jackets have been revealed!♪
The costumes resemble some battle suits, don't they look cute!~♪
I like the cosplay-feel a lot. It resembles Moritaka Chisato-san who I like a lot!
Thats why in that respect as well it is very cute! Ehe~

The events have already begun~♪
For more details, please look here
Kindan random bonus makes me very excited.♪

Shaking hands with Karen

Taking photos with Karen

Well then... you and I, lets create a new world...

Just kidding, god might get cross.★Kyaaa

Well then well then, thanks for the great work today.(^^)

Lets do our best for tomorrow!!


From Karen.

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