Karen(・v・*) Tsuntube♂Fes Setlist★ 

How are you doing, its Karen!♪f674b4b7.jpg

Today we were invited to participate in Tsuntube Fes at Shinjuku BLAZE.

And without further ado the setlist★

The first part
1.Koi wo Gemu ni shinai de!
2.Baisoku Renai Tokei
3.Hikou Jisshu~learn to fly~

The second part
1.Kindan Muteki
2.Sei naru wktk no Hoshi
3.La*La*La Rabolution

To those who came over, thank you very much!
It was a long while sing we shared a stage with a lot of Idols, it was very fun!(*^^*)

A picture with BackStage's Kogiku chan



Today was the final live before the One Man Live! 
Till the OneManLive there is still a while, until then we won't meet everyone on the weekend. We will also do a lot of practice! Definitely!
Please definitely come and play!

There is the new song, the new costume and we also have a very important announcement.
Together with everyone, at the same place altogether.★

Wait for it~(^-^)

Thank you very much for today!


From Karen

Link: http://blog.livedoor.jp/afiliasaga/archives/1810971.html