The best!!!(●ω●) Thank you!!!



It is Kohime~(●ω●)

About the one man live
All the members put in their best!
It is not only the performance on the stage that matters!
The Senpais who came to watch us were very fun! Their emotions were high,  they shouted and cheered us on, the lightsticks were always moving...
It is because of everyone in that hall, that made this One Man live thebest times!
At the front, the back, on the second floor, from wherever they are the power just kept coming...
It is the magic of when the energy and the emotions merges, it will boundlessly expand and create a wonderful space for everyone.
The unexpected side of the Live.
No matter how many times I stood on the stage, I will always always be touched by everything.
Everyone's energy and emotions being sent to us made this Live very special.
That is why, Senpais, please give us a lot of energy!
We will do our best as well!

To see the smiles on everyone face, spurred Kohime to do her best!
From now on, continue to watch us~!
Really, thank you very much for always.
Hopefully, the Senpais and us can enjoy the fourth, the fifth times together!
I love you all!!
Afilia Saga is the best!!!