Its Maho!!

Today we had an event at the Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain area!
It is a holy place where many artistes hold their events as well! Thats why I am nervous but I still had fun!

The first portion was from 12:00~14:00
The second from 15:00~17:00
There was a mini-live, group handshakes, 2shot Keitai phototaking and individual handshakes as well!♪

Please come to find us?(*'ω' *)

After the end of the Saga Event, at Ueno Sherry's there will be a fourth anniversary party!!☆
24:00~ anyone can join, so please definitely come along!(。・`Д・´)!

It will become an amazing day☆

Ohanyon~ I will be waiting for comments!!