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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Karen(・v・*)Yearning for pleasant classmates [Karen's Blog]

Karen(・v・*)Yearning for pleasant classmates

How do you do, it's Karen♪

Today marks the start of the Kindan Muteki no Darling campaigns♪

To those who came down despite difficulties, thank you very much! ★

Lets have a fun week together!♪♪

By the way, are there pleasant and cheerful people around you??

Around me there is no such atmosphere!!

Pleasant peoples also mean that they are youthful!(I will not accept any Tsukomi to this sentence.l!)

Speaking of which, then I thought.
There is not enough youth, and!

From everyone's view, Saga members are pleasant.
I won't deny it, but I yearn for more radical kids, right here!

Let's put out concrete evidence.

・Wears cat ears normally.
・Though she is a woman but she refers to herself with masculine terms.
・The character changes when they take off their spectacles.
・Don't really get injured but ends up wearing eyepatches and bandages.

Etcetera etcetera!

Especially those who wears cat ears!!

In the trains! In schools! !Whenever and wherever!

Back to the titel!

Classmate feels like it is full of youth. It is only because of that.

Karen wants to see the never dying love for pleasant classmates and the youth they posess.

Not rare kinds like Aliens or time travellers, what I wish for hope for pray for is just more and more pleasant people!

It has been a long time!

Please take care of me♪♪


From Karen


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