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Monday, 27 February 2012

Kohime and Kurumi (post #4)


Hello there everybody(●ω●) its Kohime~♪
I will be doing the number one princess, Kyurukyuru kurumi's introduction.
I always called her Kurumi but recently we have gotten closer and I am calling her Kuruchan now (*●ω<*)b
Kuruchan is very cute, within Saga she is the most feminine amongst us all! 
Her trademark of her Saga costume would be her Tiara, even when she is in home clothes she seems to enjoy collecting sparkling things and would always have some on herself.
Her nails are always very cute and her roomwear is pretty fashionable. The amazing part about her is how fashionable she is!^^
Kuruchan is a bit shy in nature, but once you become closer to her it will like being emotionally attached to a puppy which will be all sorts of cuteness.☆
She is very huggable! (>ω<) She has the allure of a small ! Very charming!♪
Only... she is a little baka at times, she wrote『Da-te』but read it as『Idachi』...(●ω●;) oh my~ (note1!)
When I pointed out the mistake~, she replied with『Are you serious!』(Laughs)
Kuruchan says that she is like a three year old, I think that she is more knowledgeable and has better judgement than a three year old~ (●ω●)☆
She is taller than me but inside she is a fashionable and cute little girl. Kuruchan gives the feel of a little sister.
Her expressions are always changing but she always ends up smiling cutely. I can't look away~♪ *
Also, one of Kuruchan's strong points is that she has loads of courage!
One would be nervous standing on the stage alone, but kuruchan is strongest when it comes to the real deal! It is amazing and cool and I admire her for that.(●ω●)☆

Well then well then, this summer has many lives and events and campaigns please come down and support Saga!
Please definitely support our project『Afilia Saga's Magical! Time』which will be on the third Wednesday of every month !!
The recording will be officially posted on at!) ←Please look at our issues ☆
It is a variety event with minilives, talks as well as games.~ There are also presents for those at the event.〜(*●ω●ノノ゙☆ -Claps hand-
Well well ☆ Who will be on next time's coupling column?? Please look forward to it!!
Kohime was here~(●ω●)


Afilia Saga East's Number one princess!
Its Kurumi Lala Milk! v(。・ω・。)!!!

Kohime chan is the smallest member!
She is a very very hardworking and serious and honest and has a firm character~♪
Often, members will say 「So Serious/Honest!」
and tease her a little. Laughs
Kurumi loves Kohime because of thatっ☆☆Laughs

Sometimes when Kurumi is worrying about something as well as when Kurumi is not feeling well
She would talk with me and show her concern.
She is really really kind(●´∀`●)
She works very hard in her small little body~~~~~
Saga has such a kohimechan☆   *
From now on lets grow together! v(。・ω・。)♪♪

Afilia Saga East has many events this summer.
By the way, it has already been a year since Kurumi joined Afilia Saga in August! Fast!
It was a year where I had support from everyone! (p・・q)(p・・q)☆
Saga and Kurumi still have a long way to go, so please continue to support us. ☆☆

On August 6th Afilia Saga will be appearing on the event 「Shinken Onna no Jin za☆Kiraa♡Contents!」 which Tsunku♂ produced!!! (note2!)
Will we fight on a pro-wrestling ring...?! Please look forward to it !!!
Please support us and come down!(*ゝ∀・*)♪

Note1: The comment about being a 'little baka' is like a jab at her dumb antics and she read the Kanji Date as Idachi
Note2: links seem to be dead...
*(kohipanda aint really sure)

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