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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Yukafin and Louise (post #6)


Hello there everybody! ☆
For the second time at coupling column, its Yukafin!!

This time it is Afilia Saga East's Chairman!! Louise's introduction~ (^^)
When it comes to a Chairman there is an image of poise but Louise is different!☆笑
Recently she is a bit of a meddler! She would go around doing a monomane of calling someone Hentai! and she pulls it off and is always the center of conversations!
And she is already teasing the new member who just joined us! Laughs
She fits in so easily~☆was what I thought and I admire her for that!!
Actually I really admire this Louise who works hard and is a Chairman who always shows care!☆
I have never said this to her in person before! Laughs
When I see the Chairman, I think it must be very difficult!
Looking at Louise working hard up close makes me understand!
Actually a crybaby and a little shy girl, Louise seems that way at times!
While trudging forward at full power, she inspires others to work hard as well!!
Such a Chairman is very cool!*゜
True serious and honest chats with Louise I have gotten close to her too!
It is unimaginable but it is true!☆Laughs
From now on continue to look after Afilia Saga as a Chairman,☆Louise!(*бvб*)

Well then, This year  Afilia Saga will be performing at『Live5pb.』again!!
There were many people at JCB Hall and at first that made us nervous.
But the many people who showed their supported and helped liven things up made it very fun!o(^-^)o!!!
Also a new member, Karenchan joined us!!! And in December is our new single's release!
The 12 of us will continue to work hard from now onwards so please support us!*゜


Everybody, hello there!
Afilia Saga's chairman !!! Its Louise! (☆´_ゝ`)
This time's coupling column entered its second week!! or not!
This time, Louise will be introducing Yukafin!☆

Yukafin's is a neat beauty but the gap between that and the way she speaks is very fun !!
Her jokes are very witty, when talking with the Saga members Yukafin is often the subject of our conversations!
We can talk about everyday slips or failures and interesting things that occurred. And during the MCs at Lives she would reveal interesting and weird things... !!!
But, in Afilia Saga the one I trust and rely the most on is Yukafin! ☆
Ah, please keep this is a secret from her!☆ Laugh

Also, The other day Afilia Saga performed at Live5pb.2010!
Afilia Saga was first publicly revealed at Live5pb.2008 which makes this the 2nd anniversary!☆

We would also be singing our 5th Single which is to be released on 1st of December『 Knee High Egoist 』. We are very happy that everyone enjoyed our performance!
『Knee High Egoist』's lyricist is Producer Chiyomaru and the composition is by Tsunku♂, it is a song born from this unique collaboration!
Tsunku♂ giving us the musical composition allowed for us to see a new side to Afilia Saga that we never saw before. (`ω´)!!

In November there is our preordering event for our 5th single it will be very fun! Also as we welcome the 2nd anniversary, please come to see the improving Afilia Saga and have fun with us! ~(^o^)☆


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