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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rose and Aria (post #5)

Good afternoon everyone(*´▽`*)ノ☆
This time's column will be handed over to Rose & Aria!!
Zettai Ryoki and Megane lover, I am Rose Gardenfairy!!
LOVE☆Knee Socks!! LOVE☆Megane!!

This time Rose will be doing Sweet and Fluffy princess☆Princess Aria's introduction!!
Aria ...well gives a very sweet and fluffy☆image! She is cuter than a doll and has a very smooth waist, a very heartwarming person to be with.
But sometimes she would say things that wouldn't suit the outer appearance of a doll!

Just recently, she would be waiting to play mahjong and in her own time she would be diligently reading a Mahjong book, the sight of that was very interesting(Laughs)
Also when Rose gets into her Otaku talk, Aria unexpectedly has surprisingly deep knowledge of the otaku world, a very profound princess she is.☆

Actually, I entered Afilia Ikebukuro along with Princess Aria as the same generation and because we have been together with each other for such a long time she is a precious friend.(*´ω`*)
In private, Count Rose and Princess Aria(Laughs) do cosplay photoshoots together and are very close!☆

By the way, the male student that Rose looks like , Ray S. Rambart is working at Roppongi Afilia Stars. His middle name's 'S' is the 'S' for steward. There is a rumor that he is actually a butler for Aria M. Milvana's family...

Please head down to Afilia Stars to uncover that male student's identity(Laughs)

Well then well then, Afilia Saga will have a Live at Kichi Jou ji CLUB SEATA on 9/23, on 9/26 BelleSalle(ベルサール) * Akihabara, on 10/3 it has been decided that we will have a live at Dreamparty.(*´▽`*)ノ☆
Please come down and have fun! ☆
Details are on the home page ( )and on twitter too (!

This was Rose Gardenfairy.~([∂]ω[∂])☆


Everyone how are you?(note1)♪
Sweet and fluffy, born in the land of sweets, its Aria M. Milvana.

Without delay, I would introduce Roze!☆
Famous for her Megane and Zettai Ryoki,
she is the sister everyone in Afilia Saga East respects!

Speaking of respecting her, she has a very friendly personality and is good at talking.
She always brings fun to everyone.
In Afilia Saga, the one person Aria finds easiest to talk to
might just be Rose.

In private we would cosplay together,
we would go together to delicious Ramen shops as well,
that let us become good friends. ♪

Oh and there's that. It is rumored that Rose has an inbuilt GPS function (Laughs)
She is familiar with roads!
Aria gets lost very easily,
many times I have to ask Rose for help.

Rose is so pretty that
it has been rumored she is actually CG,
…the truth behind that has been kept under the wraps☆

Speaking of which, Milvana family's butler Ray S. Rambart
can be found at Roppongi Afilia Stars.
Please check out Reikun who looks like Rose!♪

A really nice friend and a very fashionable one as well...
Rose is rather otaku. (Laughs)
Aria loves such a Rose!♪

Afilia Saga East will continue to work harder from now on.
Senpai, please watch out for us♪
If you come down to the events to play with us, I will be happy♪

From Aria.

Note1: (actually she said ごきげんよう~ something she adores saying)

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