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Monday, 27 February 2012

Miku and Meiry (post #3)

【Miku Doll Charlotte】

Everybody Afinichiwa (note1!!)☆I am Miku , Afilia Saga's Munekyun leader!(^-^)/♪ *

Meiry chan is well, always energetic, and a very individualistic girl(゜∇゜)☆
During Lives and events, Meirychan sudden remarks are always surprising.

Miku came down from the moon to the Afilia Kingdom whereas Meirychan seems to have came down from the Picoon Star. This part makes us similar in a way. (^-^)/
She always seems to be nibbling delicious food and that makes me feel like patting her ('-'*)

And☆Miku...,became a member of【OToGi8】!
TV anime『Ookamisan to nananin no nakamatachi』's ending theme is a song performed by our unit.When I saw our unit's name being spread, I was moved.
I thought that the song matched the image of the anime quite well.☆It is a very cute yet energetic song♪ I hope many people would listen to this song.

【Meiry Malonfeel】

Its Afilia Saga East's Vitamin P♪ Meiry Malonfeel!\(∂∀∂)/
That P is Picoon☆彡's P!Picoon☆彡is a special magic to make on feel energetic~.

Mikuchan entered Afilia saga as a new member last year, she came after me so initially I did not know what kind of girl she would be. Even now, Mikuchan is mysterious and simply mysterious. She always seems to be thinking about something and I am not sure what. Conversely, she might not be thinking about anything at all (Laughs)The cute and Tennen Miku, is showering love on everyone else♪
Speaking about Afilia Saga as of late... everyone's individual character seems to be surfacing and it is very interesting.♪ We were thinking about having a series or show together with all the members, but today 10 people might be too much!(Laughs)

By the way, the event Meiry is looking forward to most from now is the Idol event that will be held in August ,the 「TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010」!Performing that day other then Afilia Saga East will be Idoling!!!, Tokyo Girls' Style, Fudanjuku, Momoiro clover etc etc.
It will bound to be a very grand event so everyone please come and watch! (o∂∀<o) For us it will be an opportunity for us to learn a lot from the various other idol groups ♪ This is what Meiry is looking forward to most this summer!

Well then everyone, since it is hot head to the waters and have fun but dont get drenched! Especially myself (laugh)

Note1: an attempt to add an afilia feel to the traditional greeting Konnichiwa.
Note2: Meiry's attempt at combining Picoon and Konnichiwa
*(kohipanda has no idea how to put it in english words)

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