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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Meiry and Karen (post #7)

<Meiry Malonfeel>
KonniPicoon☆彡 (note1)

Well it got rid of tiredness real well right, Senpai!!!
2nd time on the column, its Meiry!♪

Recently, 2 new members joined Afilia Saga and it has been very lively~♪ I am very happy to get to play with Karen and Maho often☆彡

This time I will be introducing Karenchan... her brain is very nimble!♪
There was almost no one who could keep up with my imagination games! (>_<)
Just the other day, when there was spare time and no need to hurry Karenchan said this running,『Do you know why I am running? Because it is fun!』. Wah, what a wonderful girl☆I thought and we soon became very close friends♪

Lately in our private time we would have fun together, it is fun to have some casual fun with Karencahan
I would do things when she isn't really looking. Then Karenchan will look over here. What?... strange things!(Laughs)

Now, I will be introducing our new song is『Kneehigh Egoist』♪\(∂∀∂)/

This song is a collaboration with Producer Shikura Chiyomaru as the lyrcist and Tsunku♂ with the music composition. This is the first time that we are working with Tsunku♂. The title is also very shocking!

『Eh? Egoist? Kneehigh? It feels powerful』was what i thought, our song's real feelings still have yet to fully surface.
I think about it everytime but our song title is still interesting. It feels that it shows part of the Afilia world.For example『Aitakute~』is not as simple as it sounds. Recently, ShikuraP's『Sei naruwktk no Hoshi』is interesting!☆

This time's song, we would be wearing the knee high socks we always wear with the Afilia Uniform which is in the title! The lyrics, dance and the PV makes this a very bold song!!! It might be a bit erotic, but a fun song. Will this song be addictive I wonder.  I want people to experience this excitement at our live!\(∂∀∂)/

In November was the pre-ordering event and it will be released on December 1st! In December there is our release event where they will be many freebies, please come and support us!♪♪

This was Meiry, Picoon~☆彡

<Karen Classica>
Everybody, nice to meet you.
I am Karen Classica who joined as a new member in October. (・ω・*)
Well then, I thought it be best to get started on Meiry's introduction!
Firstly,, Meiry is a very earnest person!o(`ω´)o
When dealing with various things, she would always face it with a sincere attitude! It always feels as if she would be actively learning even on the stage itself when speaking. *
Meiry is a girl with many mysteries!
When I joined Afilia Saga and was yet to be familiar with the members, I spoke with Meiry at the stage. As we spoke we matched each other's wavelengths and polite speech was soon dropped, with tears in our eyes, we fell over laughing together, our conversation that time was so mysterious that the other members were stunned.
The only person able at this point in time to relate to Meiry's mysteriousness is probably me, and I take pride in that!('∀`)
She is such a mysterious girl who you cannot get tired of and a very wonderful girl at that.☆

By the way, released on the 1st of December, our new song 「Kneehigh Egoist」will feature a very kira kira Saga!♪☆!
The lyrcist is from our producer, Prince Shikura Chiyomaru. And also! The music composition is done by Tsunku♂ making this a very grand collaboration!(ゝω・)
Prince Chiyomaru gave it catchy lyrics whereas Tsunku♂ gave the song its beautiful balance! \(☆o☆)/
There, the attractive Saga members will be singing topped with a little sexiness.
It is a pretty addictive song! \(☆o☆)/ Hyaaa

With that new charm, please continue to support saga!\(☆o☆)/

*kohipanda ain't really sure
Note1: Meiry's version of Konnichiwa.

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