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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Yukafin and Meena (post #2)


Hello everybody☆I am Yukafin!

As of late during the LIVEs and stuff, I was MCing with Meena a lot☆

Meena is good at talking and sometimes old men jokes too? Being with her is very fun! Because she is a levelheaded person, sometimes she would give guidance support me during conversations! I have become dependent on her♪

She wears huge expressions, excellent at singing and very good at dancing as well!

Meena has many members respect! A very precious member! *

I still have to work hard☆

An announcement to everyone! The anime set for broadcast in July,『Ookamisan to nananin no nakamatachi』's Ending theme song was given to『OToGi8』to sing!

OToGi8 is a 8 person unit that has Afilia Saga's Louise, Miku and Yukafin in it♪

The title is 『Akazukichan go youshin』which will be released on the 11th of August!

It used to be one person from Saga but this time it is three of us together!

Though for sure I will be nervous when it comes to recording with everyone, but I am sure it will go smoothly! Laughs

It will most definitely be a very cute song since its for Akazukinchan, so please listen to it! ♪

I will be in your care. (゜∇゜


Hello there! I will be taking over the column for now, I am Meena M. Frace☆

The energetic emissary of cold jokes(?)(Laughs)

Yukafin is mypaced but she is a very levelheaded person and good at talking!

She has an aura that makes it seem as though you can talk about anything with her. If the conversation gets too open, one must be cautious of the danger of it becoming a comical conversation... (Laughs) *

During the recent live, both of us were involved in the MC together quite a lot, through that we got closer as well.

Also, Afilia Saga has, once again had their song undertaken as a game's theme!


The title is…「Koi Wo Game Shinaide!」Producer Momoi Haruko was the one who wrote the lyrics and it became PS3 game「Neptune」's ending theme.

Please continue to support us☆


*(kohipanda ain't really sure :< )

(どうぞよろしくお願いします is a common phrase used which has nuances of being in someone's guidance or care. thus I would translate it as such for simplicity's sake)

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