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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ayami and Maho (post #8)

Hello there, its Ayami! Today I will be talking about the new member, Maho!☆
Just recently I was a new member myself and it did not strike me that I would have to talk about a new member! ( embarrassed ) Maho is a cute and lovable『Tsundere』!!☆
Loves Afilia more than anyone, as well as Saga! She treats the shop as a very important thing!
Her blank look makes her cuter! She would 『Stop this false accusations!☆』and she would do a pose that is cute beyond imagination all because of a word『Tsun』!!
She could get familiar with anyone at all and also she is extremely cute!♪
I feel she treats living with importance♪
Everyone please take care of her!♪

Afilia Saga East will be having its own monthly programme called Afilia Saga Quest!
On Sukapaa Entertainment 371 Channel!
It will feature true sides of the members that you will not normally see as well as a competition to see who is the sexiest!. The games and stand up comedies are impressive as well !!
Those playing the games will giggle even during the game ...

This month, our new single
『Kneehigh Egoist』will be released with the music arranged by Tsunku♂
lyrics by Shikura Chiyomaru!
The event and live will be very fun!
From December 8th, you can encounter us at Roppongi's Afilia Stars! Please definitely come!

Please visit the Official Afilia Saga blog and the
Afilia Saga 5pb.home page!!

A new Afilia Saga East with new members and new costumes!
Please come to find us quickly!!

(*^-^*)From Ayami*

Cheers! Its Maho! I joined as a new member starting from the 5th single「Kneehigh Egoist」!

This time , I will be introducing to you Ayami☆
Before I entered Saga, I had no contact with Ayami before. Because of that, I went to explore and see what kind of girl she was. The image I formed of her was that she was bound to be a quiet princess like person ,or so I thought!
But after I started talking to her, there was high excitement! Suddenly, the image was shattered! We found common topics and kept talking and talking. She was much friendlier than I thought at first and it was very fun to be with her. (・ω・*)

Ah, I won't tell this to her directly... but I really respect Ayamichan. Her bright smiles especially! It is not something one can do that easily! When she is working hard with a serious face, she would always end up with a smile on her face, Ayamichan is cute ♪
When together with her, even over here we would end up smiling. Ayamichan's smiling magic☆I too wish to be able to make people smile like Ayamichan.。

Actually I have seen her before she debutted!!Though she is my Kouhai in Afilia but my Senpai in Saga Ayamichan, please take care of me from now on~♪

Well then well then, on December 1st the 5th Single 「Kneehigh Egoist」was finally released!! Everybody, have you listened to it yet?

「Kneehigh Egoist」's lyrics are done by Shikura Chiyomaru san, the song by Tsunku san. All in all, a dream like collaboration!
Unlike the usual Afilia Saga East, this is a very cool song! The PV is also very attractive, "A...Afilia!?" and you won't believe your eyes! There are two versions so please check out the both of them!☆
In this song, one might think that we are like little devils, tempting men! Outrageous! It is just taking off some boring uniform, thats why it cannot be helped right. Innocent girls are fine, girls who gives a cue to the men is cool too! ☆  *

Coupling song's「Koi wo Game ni Shinai de!」Lyrics are by Momoi Haruko san and the music is by Ooshima Kousuke san!
Carrying the hearts of innocent girls who are in love, this is a very cute song! ♪ We have no plan as to how to capture our love~(・ω・)!
As compared to Kneehigh Egoists Little devil chan, this is very different! I feel that this is a song where the girls are trying not to be jealous and yet cannot be truly honest with their feelings.  If you were to ask me which type am I, I would say I am closer to being this type. Always tsun tsun but thinking about something like this, wouldn't that be very cute?☆

I will of course be at Saga events and at Afilia Sherry's as well, so please come down to play! Lets talk a lot! ♪

This was Maho~.

*ain't really sure, sorry. :(

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