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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Miku and Aria (post #9)

<Miku> (note 1)
Always nyan nyan with everyone☆ This is Miku (^-^)/☆

Today I will be introducing Aria chan~(^-^)/♪
Aria is the princess of the land of sweets whereas Miku is the strawberry princess so we are fellow princesses!♪♪
We went to Disneyland together, just the two of us. We are partners in love with Daffychan~☆
We made a promise to go to Disneyland and I feel like going again this year.☆☆☆
During work, we often take photos together. Ariachan is good at it! ☆ I thought, I wish to learn from her! o(^-^)o

Last year in October, Miku participated in this Bunka Internet Radio『Nasu☆Sisu no Onegai! Midnight Angel☆』along with Izuwa Shiori.☆
The show's theme song『Angel ☆chu♪chu♪』will be released on January 19th ( Wed )!!(
In this song, Miku challenged rapping for the first time! ☆ I couldn't get the hang of it at first, so i practised several times!☆
My favorite part of the song was around the chorus especially『Kira rin☆Kira Nyan Nyan Nyaaa』, it was the cutest part to sing!☆
Other than that there is also Miku's solo with her soothing voice and the video will be very addictive as well☆
Everybody☆Please most definitely get a copy! o(^-^)o

How do you do~♪
Sweet and fluffy, welcome to the land of sweets!
The Peach Princess for you only, its Aria M Milvana.

Just recently, I received a week's leave and
went to the hot springs with my family.
I slowly soaked in the open air bath.
This year as well I will work hard during work! ♪

The spring album's recording has started so
Aria has been diligently practising her singing!

Back to the topic, AnicanJP's Coupling column,
This time I will be introducing Mikuchan!♪
Mikuchan, if I were to put simply is a very mysterious kitten!

The first time Aria met Mikuchan,
I was wondering whether she would be very mature and very ladylike.
Actually even now I still think that she is very mature and ladylike,
but as to what she is thinking, I still haven't quite understood.
She has the feel of a very mysterious girl!

Mikuchan is very fun to talk to!
She would suddenly say「Nyan Nyan! 」.
She is very strange at times! Laughs

But when Aria asks Mikuchan「Nyan?」,
she would reply with 「Nyan!」!!
Doing something like that is very fun~ ♪
When we do stuff like that the other members will be saying
「2 of the Strange-chan* are talking to each other」or something! Laughs

As expected, Mikuchan is like a Strange-chan! ♪

The similarities between Miku and Aria is that
we both adore Disney.
I wish someday
I could go to Disney to play together with Miku.☆

Always ladylike and warm to others.
Mikuchan has a mysterious and strange charm♪
Aria wants to be much closer to such a Miku!

Well then, an announcement will be made here.
On the 26th of January, Afilia Saga's very own show
『Afilia Saga Quest』will be released on DVD!
Thank you very much!

On this『AfiQue』Saga members will be participating and it
will allow one to learn more about Saga members。
During the recording, thoughts continued running through my mind.
It is a very fun job!
We staged a play, many outrageous things as well.
A Saga East that does various things will be shown to all.

There are also the slightly erotic hot springs scene,
along with unaired footage included.☆
Please get it at Afilia stallfront,
5pb's mail order and at Toranoana♪

This was the sweet and fluffy Aria ~

Note 1: Miku says things in a very miku-ish/cute way... so for simplicity's sake I will treat it as though she is speaking normally!
*I intepreted 不思議ちゃんas strange-chan where adding a chan behind an adjective basically means that sb is like that.

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