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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ustream live 7/3/12

Ustream Live: 
Today's members were Emiu, Laura, Yukafin and Louise! They were talking about things from favorite food, to games and favorite songs. Emiu and Laura were being the cute new members they are. Sucre-chan seems to be bearing a grudge over being called a メイクさん~or make up artist (in my knowledge). During the self-intro song,  Emiu's lines were 小悪魔~or little devil which was unexpectedly cute! 

Also, March 2nd's Rose/Meena Graduation digest was on USTREAM just now. 
It was very touching featuring the bonds of the girls. The first and last public performance of the 14-nin Self-introduction song was also aired. 
The girls supported each other even when they cried. Bringing towels, hugging each other and all. The little things that showed how strong their bond was. At the end of the day, they all did cry, the highlight for the two of them was probably the song where the audience (Senpais) sang along with them, unrehearsed and was a surprise to them. Though Louise cried a lot during the whole show, at the end, she stayed strong and supported her members! I truly respect her for that!

I hope for a DVD release of some kind ;o;

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