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Monday, 26 March 2012

Yorimo report on Afilia Saga East English Translations

We are, idols that you get to meet a lot!

「We are, idols that you get to meet a lot! At the shops, we receive kind words from 'Senpai's and we hear about their take on stuff and through that we slowly mature. This sets us aside from other idol groups and gives us an advantage!」

The one who emphasized that was Yukafin. By “Senpai”, she refers a special expression used by the girls of this “Gakuin based girls unit” , in all it is used to refer to their fans. The girls belong to the「Middle school section」, visiting guests belong to the「High school section」therefore the setup of "Senpai".
Yukafin who was working at the shop was asked to join the group.「I was an amateur girl, I have never danced nor sung before. That is why chasing after the first generation members was very tough. But it was fun!」and her eyes sparkled. (edit note: lol)

The 14 members were chosen from the「Afilia Group」which is a project that spans across Japan. The cast from Ikebukuro, Ueno and Roppongi branch number around 100 people and from there, the girls were carefully picked. Musician and Chairman of Game company MAGES Shikura Chiyomaru and Seiyuu and musician Momoi Haruko double produced this unit leading to its debut in March 2009. Xbox 360 Game「STEINS;GATE Hiyoku renai no Darling」's Opening theme is their 6th single「La*La*La Labolution」, attained the daily chart's 24th placing which indicates the popularity of the single and that there are more and more "Senpai"s supporting us!

“Graduation and Entrance to school” Unit

「"Graduation and Entrance to school" Unit」. Afilia Saga East was built upon such a concept. This spring, 2 of the first generation members are slated for "Graduation". Whereas last year December, two new girls joined the group. One of the new girls, Laura has been working for almost 8 months at the stalls and have been a dilligent cast. While at the stall, she had to use her own creativity to make good cocktails and had to study for that as well, also she had to memorize the menu by heart.

「As I wanted to be better at being a bartender I went around to look for help, I entered this shop but working with the Saga members who are Idols make me respect them a lot. I would be happy if I could enter too」with that Laura laughed. Sometimes one would work 6 shifts a week, because the "Senpai"s are many. At the end of last year, suddenly at their 2nd One man Live(ZeppTokyo)'s stage she was made to stand in front of all the fans, the hall was filled with familiar faces and it was unexpectedly relaxing for her. 「“Senpais”who have come to our shop, and friends from around my neighbourhood thought about whether I really became an idol. Normal Idols would only stage events and shake hands at events but that limitation distances the fans and idols. However, at our stalls we are able to cut that distance and engage in normal conversations with our fans」said Laura. 「If we all became too close to them that would be troublesome.But, after all our "Senpai"s are gentlemen (edit note: there are girls too though... but idk whether the Females will be called Senpais as they have a different color coding from Males.)」said Yukafin. Both of them worked together at the Ueno branch.

Ayami who works at Roppongi Stars was also a member who joined along the way. She hasn't tried doing stuffs like dancing and singing like an idol before.「I have finally learned how to keep in step. The steps in the dance are energetic and difficult to keep up with」It seems tough to have to remember 20 over songs.

The different shops have different pace in their own shops. For example, the Ueno branch is open from 5pm in the evening till 5am next morning. Members too have to work till early morning at times. There is also this campaign that spans most record stores in the country. It seems very busy and tiring but,「After the Lives and Events, with that rigor and momentum I could continue working till morning and talking to the "Senpai"s would make one feel unexpectedly rejuvenated.」(Laura)who seems to be carefree. An Idol you can drink with till early morning is normally unheard of. One should try going to the store to find out for oneself.

(取材/撮影・ヨリモ編集デスク 大和太郎)

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