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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Meena and Rose (post #10)


Anyway well, Rose is very pretty!!
「A pretty Onee-sama」's model in the making.
Rose and I go a long way back, in Saga she is the longest member I have known.
It is close to being 5 years now.
Half a year after the Ikebukuro shop was opened Rose joined as a 2nd generation member,
I was more of the Senpai at the shop.
At first because she was too beautiful, I was too nervous to even speak to her(Laughs)

Yes yes, I wont let it end at「A pretty Onee-sama」.
With magical transformation, she can even become an Onii-sama that is where Rose is truly impressive...!!
At Afilia Roppongi , Rose is cast as a male member and works as Ray-kun, and when I see him. his beauty makes him look like a prince from some distant land...!!!
During a photography session when I first saw her in the Danso form, though it was the Rose I always knew,
when our eyes meet, the nervousness I felt 5 years ago came back!(Laughs)

Other than her stunning appearance another good thing about Rose... is the gap when she talks!!(≧∀≦)
The depth of her boys-love talk and her mypaced teasing is very interesting!!☆
She is very knowledgable and it is easy to talk to her,
When we are together for radio shows, inside I will be thinking『Lucky!!』(Laughs)

Well then well then, this is Afilia Saga East's performance information!~(●´∀`)ノ*:.*
2011/3/20(日) Event:「Moe Fest 2011~Haru no Jin ~Hishou」 @Tokyo FM Hall
Performers:Afilia Saga, Momoi Haruko, Zwei, DANCEROID, ULTRA PRISM, Others.
We are happy to be able to share a stage with Producer Momoi Haruko!! This time we are participating in both section 1 and 2.☆彡Those who have yet to see our live, after reading our column hopefully it makes you feel like going! Please go for one!~(*´∀`*)


Meena is one of the first few members of Afilia Saga like me but at the stall we are working at, Afilia Gakuin Ikebukuro Stall she is the first generation whereas Rose entered as the second generation making her my Senpai~(*´ω`*)
When we first met she had the feel of a very mature lady, I wonder when but somehow that image changed to become a punloving, bicycle and giraffe loving beautiful girl... /(^O^)\
Now that I look back at my initial thoughts about her, I find it very amusing!/(^O^)\
She seems to be the type who would get to know someone before one can get to know her.
Meena has the best singing within Saga and is also the mood maker!(*´▽`*)ノ☆
During recordings we always enjoy listening to Meena's singing~(*´ω`*)
Also, she cycles to everywhere and has the number one leg power in Afilia Saga!
On Afilia Saga Quest there was a battle of taking of knee socks, Zettai Ryoki follower Rose lost to that leg power!\(^O^)/

X-BOX360 2DBattleGame『Phantom Breaker』 from 5pb. to be released on the 28th April 2011. On that note, at its press conference Zettai Ryoki lover Rose cosplayed as the Heroine of the game, Sou-chan!(*´▽`*)ノ☆
There is slated to be a cosplay event for Phantom Breaker's ikemen characters and Zettai Ryoki heroines.~☆
In the coming 2nd of April there will be a special pre-release event! Please do check it out on the official homepage!~(^-^)/
Phantom Breaker Official HP

Note: Oneesama is Elder Sister and Oniisama is Elder Brother.

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