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「TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012」アフィリア・サーガ・イースト出演します! Afilia Saga East is performing at TIF2012!

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Knee High Egoist makes the little magicians sexy!

Knee High Egoist!

This is their 5th single and is the unique collaboration between Tsunku and Chiyomaru! This single deviated from the moe-style that Afilia Saga East usually had. Instead, Knee High Egoist was more sexy than fans could have begged for. The girls sport knee high socks, though very similar to the socks they usually don while in their Afilia uniform, the hopping and jumping in this song would ensure the skirt would flutter around. Many of the shots within the PV feature the Knee socks and thighs of the members. This song allowed for the wilder side of the girls to break loose. A major part of the song would be the girls standing in a line and flexing their thighs to show the Zettai Ryoki(a legendary factor where some speculate the golden ratio at work).

Regular edition:

Limited edition Type A:

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