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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

From the Yorimo report

Our new song is「Our song to support everyone else」

The 7th single「Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru」, Tsunku is the lyrcist and Chiyomaru does the lyrics. This is an upbeat number that sends heartfelt support to the members who were graduating, as well as the message of looking forward for that future.
「When listening to the song, I cried. There was a kind of lonliness that can't be shaken off, but it was a song that could encourage people. 」(Yukafin). The chorus rung with『Dakshimete , Yumetachi wo』which nudged people to head for that future that is waiting ahead for them. Even if one did not know about the graduations, they would still be able to touch their ears and hearts to feel the surge of emotion.
「Spring is the time where people graduate from and enter schools. A period of encounters and partings. We wanted to present that to everyone who listens to this song. This is a song that is filled with loads of emotions」(Ayami). The choreography of the song, was done by Lucky Ikeda san who has been with the girls since their debut, gave the song a comical dance which produced a gap from the serious music. The girls' performance is one to watch out for! Lastly, we asked Yukafin what was her feelings about releasing their 7th single.
「We were a group that comprised of amateurs, after 3 years, we had the opportunity to release our 7th single. With this 7th single, support and our feelings we will work hard. Such a grand producer team isn't something you see often. If you are interested, please do listen to it!」

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