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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Louise and Ayami (post #1)

Hello everybody!!

Afilia Saga's chairman☆I am Louise!!!

This marks the start of the Afilia Saga East series, I am excited about it.☆

Our 4th single『ワタシ☆LOVEな☆オトメ!』(Watashi☆LOVE na☆otome!) was released on 28th april~~~!!!

On top of that, this is the first time our song was selected to be part of a tie-up!!

This made the members' anticipation go UP…!!☆

This time's song is included in the game『W.L.O.世界恋愛機構』(W.L.O. Sekai renai kikou) and one would be able to enjoy it in the game world!   It is a cheerful song about dashing forward for your love♪

The first press edition/limited edition would have the music clip too! Look forward to seeing a comical portrayal…!!

The best part of the song should be when the final『あなたじゃなきゃだめなの!』comes out!*

I thought it would be nice if I received loads of warm hearts!!*

I am with Ayami who joined us from the 4th single! The first impression she left with me was that she was a "Cheerful honor student!!", but as of late her Tennen antics have gone amok and are familiar to us from afilia saga☆

Even now, Ayami's weird antics seem to be coming out in her own way♪(笑)
    Though perhaps she is a girl who doesn't like losing!
Look forward to Ayami's series as well~ ☆

Nice to meet you!! I came from Hokkoku, I am Afilia Saga East's new member『Ayami Chercy Snow』.It is a great honor to be writing in this column! I will be in your guidance!

I have been recording since『Watashi☆LOVE na☆ Otome!』. When I first saw the energetic dancemoves, I thought that the dance was very cute. I also thought『Wh..., what intensity!』!  Boom.

My favorite was when『Furi kaereba..』was sung, we went round and ended off with a pose!♪

After I became a member of Afilia Saga East, I who have only been watching too much anime found my Schedule book suddenly have its pages filled with black ink! Everyday was very worrying.  Laughs

 Loads of excitement and meeting all the Senpais,  everyday has been simply full of fun and laughter. ♪

I have seen Louise from photos and videos before, but the first time we met for a dance session she welcomed me with a warm smile and I thought『What a wonderful person she is!』!! Laughs

At first, I only knew Louise's mail address so I sent messages to her only!

She is a very dependable and reliable Senpai(senior)♪

From now on, lets work together to bring Afilia Saga to greater heights.

Please take care of me♪

Ayami Chercy Snow was here*

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