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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Introducing the 2 new members of A.S.E

これは の非公式の英語翻訳です。
The Afilia Saga East column at anican covered a special with the two new members of Afilia Saga East. Below is the english translation of the report. (I apologize for any mistake)

Some Photos of the two new members :


Nice to meet you!
My name is Laura Sucreine. I entered Afilia Saga East as a new member during last year's 
2nd one man live
Please call me Sucrei! ('O')/
(kohipanda note: this would sound like Shyu-ku-re)

Before the announcement of me joining Afilia Saga, I was already practising a lot together with 
the other members which would explain why we very close now. I haven't gotten used to photoshoots, recordings and interviews so it has all just been very nervewrecking for me. At first, I felt that I didnt have the time to enjoy the lives etcetera. However recently, dancing and singing were very enjoyable and having a great time with the Senpais made me very happy! *゜It seems as though when I say interesting things, the Senpais will become more energetic as well!
This time I am going to talk about a new member just like me, Emiu!

Emiu is a sweet girl who is a crybaby. She is someone who is very frank. Emiu is like a little devil though,her nickname is 『Emiuten(Emiusan is really an angel)』so as to whether she is a devil or an angel I am confused.When I am with her i would think that she is a little devil (@´∇`), a cute an lovable girl *.

She reads difficult books, have fluffy clothes and very fashionable girl. She is like an opposite of me but to me, she is someone who one can discuss anything with, a kind and reliable buddy.
Emiu who joined saga together with me , I want to be close with her and work towards greater heights together.

By the way, recently I have been saying「I don't know whether it is better to be called Laura or whether being called Sucrei is better」to the Senpais。If I am called「Sucrei」or「Sucrei-chan」I will be very happy~(*´∇`*)

From now on, please take care of us new members Emiu and Laura.

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Homepage of Campaign:


Everyone, nice to meet you! I am a fresh new member!
I am Emiu from the Roppongi Stars(*・v・*)
I like reading, dancing, playing games, icecream, western clothes, music and... !
Hahaha, there is a lot.

Well then well then.
This time I am going to talk about Laura who is a new member just like me!

When we first met, we did not really speak to each other and I had an initial impression that she was a very mature girl. Now that I think about it, she is nothing like that!(Laugh)

Laura is always busy and also an innocent hardworker. Ah, but there are also some playful moments. (`v´)くくく
Always brings loads of snacks and sweets、unexpectedly gives me chocolates.
Compared to me, she is a totally different girl, so when I spoke with her I would discover new things. As we came in as the same generation, we share a naturally stimulating yet strong relationship.

With such a Laura, it started. Together with 13 buddies, I have been leading a very fulfiling life.
As a new member, there are bound to be many things that I don't understand or cannot do, However, if I treat each one of those as a possibility, things gets more enjoyable.
There will always be these members by my side, supporting me. Together with these members, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished! I breeze through everyday with this belief.

It has been around 2 months since I became a Saga member, I have participated and experienced various stages and events, have I been maturing? I have a feeling I did.

This is all thanks to the support from the wonderful members, staff and above all the Senpais.
Emiu's growth from here on, please continue to watch it! Ne~☆


  1. No problem! I am still studying Japanese so this kinda helps as well.