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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Magical adventure of the Afilia Saga members (by Karen) Chapter 1

Chapter 1:
(1st of her magical story)

First chapter「The start of an adventure」


This is about something long long ago.

There was a place where lived the great magician everyone respected.

That magician used magic to maintain peace and stability in the world.

Then came the time, the magician came to a village of fortune-telling.

There, the magician heard from this ravishing witch about a ominous prophecy.

The witch said,

「This world will be destroyed in a year's time. One month later, many places will be cursed.」

The magician asked,

「What do I have to do to protect the world?」

Following which, the witch replied.

「Please find twelve strong little witches,once all twelve have been gathered, they would be able to save the world.」

The magician travelled around the world and found five little witches.

The first was Louise, the magician found her on the green path.

The second was Aria, the princess of the land of peaches.

The third was Kohime who was like a flower among the tulip fields.

The fourth was Meena who rescued someone who was being attacked by a giraffe.

The fifth was Rose, who does not look like she was from this world, she only remembers coming from the 2D world. In short, a girl who lost her memories.

Five people have been found, but the sixth has yet to appear.

While doing all that, one month was up.

The curse has affected many places.

The countries began fighting.

Day by day, the effect of the curse worsened.

Even the animals in the forest grew to become more violent and attacked towns.

That is a problem!

Though the magician used magic to the best of his ability, it was unable to stop the situation.

The magician told this to the five little witches.

「I don't have much magic left. Please find the rest of the little witches. Please save this world」

Since then, the 5 little witches set off on a journey to find the remaining little witches.

To Be Continued

From Karen~☆彡

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