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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rose and Meena (The 2 graduated belles)



Good day to everyone! (´▽`)ノ
Donning Megane and Zettai Ryoki, Its Rose!

Well then, just the other day at Shinkjuku BLAZE Meena and Rose's graduation stage ending peacefully. This time, I will recall about Afilia Saga as a whole and talk about fond memories of Meena.

Actually, Meena and I met 6 years ago!
I entered Afilia Magical Gakuin as a second generation member and Meena who was a first generation member welcomed me kindly and with open arms.
When I first saw Meena, she was very intriguing especially with her unique hairstyle that looked something like honey. She was a mature and pretty lady was what I believed in!乙女なのだと信じ込んでいました\(^o^)/

Since then, after around 2 years of being together with her, the image of a pretty and mature lady shattered like glass...! (Laughs)

After that, Afilia Saga was formed and we were involved with it together...

Her gags are abit cold but she is good at both singing and dancing. She is also a presence that encourages others.
Our first stage was at Yokohama BLITZ ,I remember that among the nervous and panicky members she was the one who stepped forward to tell everyone to do their best! as a form of encouragement.

Then during the live, Meena and I originally had a lot of singing parts in trianglewave but singing alongside Meena alone is a first and I was very nervous. She gave me a new way to enjoy the song.

To be able to sing such a song with Meena at the graduation concert is very important to me. From the fond 1st Single to the latest 7th Single, to be able to spend such time with Meena, with all the members, with all the Senpais who are supporting us, I am very very very extremely happy!!

In a world where many billions of people walk the earth, to be able to be part of Afilia Saga East and bringing it up to greater heights, sharing the same time, sharing the same space, this is very much like a miracle!

Creating such a miracle together with Meena, the Saga members and the Senpais who have been supporting Saga, I feel very honored.

Laura and Emiu joined Afilia Saga as new members and they have high energies, Afilia Saga will surely from now on grow even bigger and better, and be made more well known over the world.

I am very happy to have been part of this wonderful Afilia Saga East.

Up till now and from now on, love Afilia Saga ~!!!!!!!!!!


Genki Rin Rin☆ Chya Rin Rin ☆ Kirin ☆ Its Meena!

This is the second time on a coupling column with Rose!
This time, both of us are graduating together,
changing how I though Rose is, looking back on things as well.

It has been almost 3 and a half years since I started working with Rose.
With her Megane and Zettai Ryoki alongside her beautiful figure and shape, she is dubbed「 Roze-sama 」making her the only member called '-sama' in our group.
By '-sama', one would think of her as a Queen-sama Type. But she is totally different, especially when she talks, her special tone and voice and the way she is very frank and honest with her words.
She is a girl who simply loves boylove, when she speaks about that her eyes will sparkle and she will go like「That boy...he is for real!」.
When you combine the boylove-loving power with Rose, what you will get at the end will be a very very wonderful girl.
Rose wrote this song for the variety show Afilia Saga Quest, this song was put on a bonus CD and I too managed to contribute to it.~
Rose said that this song is「A song of the battle of Adam and Adam and bonds」a beautiful BL song.
When I first heard it, the melody was very catchy and the lyrics that were meaningful moved me.
The song was sung at the graduation concert as well, it was the first time many has heard it and the fans waving their towels along with the song made it very fun!!
Looking back at things, Rose has a very unique power!!

Among the members, Rose's culinary skill is very good,
Rose's ambition is to be a nursery school teacher, a very motherly job perfect for her!
She will surely become a Sensei that the little ones will grow to respect. ☆
I am very glad for the 3 and a half years of being able to stand on the stage with Afilia Saga and to be able to work together this wonderful people!! Thank you!

This is the final time I will be writing on this Anican Column.
If I was given another chance to write about the members again, I will be most glad to do so though somehow I seemed to have been talking about myself too. With such a style, I hope that I wont surprise anyone.
The Senpais who are reading this and have been supporting us, Thank you very much!

Once again, our first 14 member single「Mirai ga Watashi wo Matteiru」!  The campaigns will be held all the way till April! Please come and see us!

Campaign's official HP:

Incidentally today is the last day of Rose and Meena's performances with the group.
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